The Little Place I Forgot

I used to write here. A lot.

This blog used to be a lot of things to me. It started as just a place to write about the random things Ava did. Then it morphed into, I’m not sure what. Then I got caught up in watching all the “big kid bloggers” and I thought how cool it would be to like that. As a blogger, I think we all at some point go through that phase. I wrote. And I wrote.

I even went to a blogging conference where I got to meet some of my favorite writers and my favorite ladies who only lived in my computer, before then.

My blog has morphed. I’ve changed URLs, logos, backgrounds, themes.

But for a long while, as I struggled, it went dormant. I had no words. There was absolutely nothing that I could possibly think that I thought was worth sharing with the world. Or that I wanted to say. I couldn’t (wouldn’t) share what was going on and that left me with little to say after that.  Why would anyone really care what I have to say? How self-centered is that to think that people really give a crap about me and the words on my screen? I nearly shut down my blog when I was in my lows and gave it all up–even as recent as this fall. I couldn’t share what was going on and that left me with little more to say after that. The rest was fluff. I left it up, with months of blankness, because even so, it was still my little place in the world.

I had friends who were so kind as to tell me that when I did write (as sporadic as it was), they did like to read it. It made them happy to share. That piqued my interest in writing.  It really did. Thanks, KT–really.

Now I have the words. Lots of words. But I don’t have the time.  I don’t make the time.

There is so much I have to say but I don’t take the time to write it. The blog posts are writing themselves in my head but they don’t make it to the screen then the words and the concepts escape me.

I miss the days of the blogger.

Times have changed so much in the blog world. Before you got daily glimpses into the world of someone across the country or around the corner. They shared things intimate to their being that affect their lives, their struggles, their sorrows, and their joys and happiness. They shared the random funny story about something stupid they did at work. It was enough.

The blog world is different. It’s so “mainstream” now.  It’s funny to see posts by the “big bloggers” pinned by random people on the neighborhood Facebook page. How do they know about those bloggers? They’re in my circle!

Regardless of what a blog is or isn’t, big or small, for many (and let me be clear, this is not all), storytelling and life is going by the wayside–replaced by hits and ads and analytics.

I still have my favorites that I read (I need to work on making time for that too–I don’t like to read without commenting. It’s like showing up but not talking to your host). The cool thing about the blogs I read that they are all written by people who I now consider my friends. That’s the funny thing about the blog world. It’s kind of awesome like that.

I will continue to grow and change. This blog will come with me and I will be able to look back, month by month and year by year and see where I’ve been.

So here I am, waving to say I’m still here and I’m going to be checking in more often.

So thanks for hanging on and not forgetting about me, either.


8 thoughts on “The Little Place I Forgot

  1. I’m not about the big blogs that are all about hits and ads because you don’t get to know the writer. I see enough ads on tv, Facebook, etc that I don’t want to see more (plus are they really honest?).

    I hope you start to make time for blogging soon!

  2. I liked that .. the “not commenting is like showing up to a party without talking to the host” <—- I 100% agree with that! I'm in love with the new look!

  3. I don’t even think I consider my blog being like other blogs. To me, it’s just my place to write and share. I’m not concerned with stats. I just want to have an outlet. I’m so thankful for all of the friends (like you!) who do read and interact! I hope you find your groove again- I love reading what you have to say!

  4. Yes…Just yes. I could have written this post every day for the past couple of years. I feel like I have lost my voice and I miss the days of connecting in my space, your space and our space.
    I will be reading- even if I don’t always comment! 🙂

  5. Hugs. I miss how small our community used to be. Storytelling is our way to share our reality with others. I come back to a handful of bloggers who still believe in the power of the story.

  6. Every now & then, I run across a blog post where I don’t comment . . . it happens, but those instances are few & far between. Usually, it occurs when the blogger is VERY adamant & passionate about a topic, and I don’t fully (or at all) agree with the sentiment. While I like to think that I’m polite enough that “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” wouldn’t ever cross my mind, well, I’ve never wanted to start a war in the comments (which I did, once, among “my circle” and I still regret my words that day).

    Anyway, I like to think that those things that I want to do, but still don’t do . . . like writing my novel, or publishing regularly to my blog, or fixing my son’s door or, any number of other things, I like to tell myself “these things haven’t been the priority.” And, I believe I keep myself busy enough that, the stuff I do is the stuff that I need to do — maybe not everybody would need to do the same, in my shoes, but I’m the one wearing those shoes, and I choose how to make “me” go. Everything else? Not a priority right now. Maybe some day priorities will shift. But, the list of stuff that I wish I could get to? Not the priority (this means dad taxi, workouts, dog walks, dressing kids, making lunches, getting a paycheck, and making music in a group, etc. are the priority).

    Lastly, Jess, if you’re writing it? I’m reading it. If you post 3-4 times a day, I’m reading. If you post 3-4 times a year, I’m reading. It may take me awhile, but I like your words – until I have reason not to, until “reading” is not a priority, I’m here, whenever you’re posting.

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