Friday v.1

I’m gonna try this thing where I sum up my week and how my healthy aspirations are going. So here’s Friday v.1. 

So apparently everyone on my Instagram feed is starting the Whole30. I won’t even pretend that I’m jumping on that bandwagon because, have you met me? It’s enough that I’m shooting for not eating out and stocking the house with fresh fruits and veggies.

I’m still browsing Pinterest to see what I see. Am I the only person still on Pinterest? It’s become my nightly relax thing while I watch Friends.


I didn’t run today. To be fair, I was shooting for January 4, but I did mop the entire downstairs and holy cow, that’s exhausting! I’m calling that my workout.


Which reminded me that even though I have my shiny new work calendar that’s titled “Zen,” it’s pretty much just for major board meetings and stuff that I need to know for school.

I don’t actually have one that I can record workouts in. Something tangible that isn’t an iPhone that I can flip through and see my progress in beautiful colored ink.

Which made me think, what else could I be doing that I could be recording in this calendar?


I’ve seen friends doing She Reads Truth. I want to be more engaged with my faith. I really do. We’ve talked about this; I believe in God but I’m just not feeling the church right now. I would like to be more connected and feel great things.

imageUnfortunately we all had the plague while we were in El Paso for Christmas, so I tried to avoid seeing all human people. I was bummed because I would have loved to meet with Diana to catch up, see how huge Bella has gotten, and ask her how she’s grown her faith despite her painful trials the past couple of years. She inspires me. She’s faithful but still raw and honest.


I think I was moved when I was cleaning out my iPhone pictures and saw this. I took this on our drive to El Paso and I was so close to deleting it after I took it because it just wasn’t Instagram worthy to show the beauty of the mountains. I stopped and really looked at it the night we got home and was in awe.

If you can’t see it, to me, it looks like a cross standing out among the clouds in a blue sky. Pretty amazing if I do say so.


9 thoughts on “Friday v.1

  1. I am just focusing on more balanced meals in general. I may have overdone the grocery shopping today – all the lean protein, cous cous, quinoa and balsamic viniagrette. Hope my husband is still talking to me once he sees what I bought! 😉

    Cleaning is totally a workout in my book. Does wandering the grocery aisles count? No run for me today. Being up late last night with a sick kiddo zapped all my mojo.

    I love She Reads Truth. I have found that I need to journal, to exercise and to read Scripture as part of my self-care routine. The picture is amazing.

    • We definitely need more balanced meals. I see our plates and they are embarrassingly sad. Not just for our sakes, but the girls. They really need to eat more healthily too. I throw apples and grapes on their plates just to give them something because they do not love veggies. I know people say just get it on their plate, but it will seriously go in the trash!

      I totally overdid it. We came back from Christmas with Ava asking why the fridge was literally empty. Now it’s like tetris in there!

      I’m going to try and work in yoga every night. I have a great app that has videos in it! I need to just try She Reads Truth for a few days. And maybe it will help to journal it.

  2. Honestly, Whole 30 feels like every other fad ever, so I’m not all about it. I just eat as healthy as possible and work on not OVER eating. Portion size is my downfall. Like yesterday when I was all, “It’s okay to eat ALL the sauerkraut leftovers because it’s just CABBAGE.” Yeah. Portion size. Why does food taste soooooo good?

    • Seriously. Whole 30 is crazy to me and it does feel like a fad. That threw up all over my instagram and Facebook. I think you’re exactly right. It’s about not over eating. I think what’s helped is that I’ve worked on that so I’ve gotten trained to not eat as much. Once your stomach gets used to less food, you get fuller a bit quicker. Unless there’s cake or chips or something delicious involved, in which case that jerk usually wants to stretch out.

  3. I am not nor will I ever do the Whole 30. There are so many ways to take care of yourself without this concept imo. But, I love this post. I am trying to do the same on Fridays. I downloaded a paper calendar from I Heart Organzing and I record all things fitness… and i used to have one for food too! It’s a great way to visually see how active you are in a week or a month.

    • Yeah Whole 30 is insane. I was motivated by your paper calendar thing and I bought one last night on Amazon. Just a little one I can carry around because I love carrying around calendars. I liked the idea though of recording food stuff so I don’t think I’ll exactly be recording that, but maybe when I start eating out again I can give myself Scarlet Letters for days I DO eat out. I do want to record water intake and fruits and veggies type stuff as motivation. I plan to still record running in an app because I like to see the cumulative effect that it can give me vs just keeping it on paper.

      I got the Friday post ideas from you 🙂

  4. I have no idea what Whole30 is . . . I suppose I can google it, but I’ve actually filtered out Whole30 from my FB feed because, well, I’m doing what I’m doing and I’m happy that way.

    I keep thinking “it would be great to have a tangible calendar to do this…” with, but then I want to share it . . . and then I need my iPhone. So I record my walks, runs, and cycling with RunKeeper. I record my diet with My Fitness Pal. I record my strength training with Fitocracy. I allow them all to sync with one another (and with the Health app), and I feel like that’s *just enough* transparency that, if I allow myself to slack, someone will pick up on it. Maybe. We’ll see.

    • So I guess Whole30 is apparently super crazy, so crazy that you have to buy special bacon? All I know is people are insane about it and I’ve seen hashtags like #whole30asF#$@. I mean, gah.

      I ordered my tangible calendar last night. Because then I will be motivated to write stuff in it. Like hash marks for glasses of water. Highlight days that I run. Write down the days that I do yoga. I like it better than putting it in an app. I definitely use MapMyRun for running and will continue to do that. Or maybe I’ll try RunKeeper again–then I can follow and see what you’re running and then you’ll be able to see that I am (not) running. Either way, I love that there’s something that can tell me that I ran 93473230942 miles last year. Or at least that I hope will tell me I ran 500 this year. Maybe.

  5. See? I fail to see how any diet that requires you to break the bank is feasible. Over the weekend, I paid:

    $10.50 for miso paste, dried seaweed, tofu
    $26.00 for sauerkraut, boneless/skinless chicken thighs, onions, chicken stock, yams, milk, and a yogurt starter

    (I went to two different places, which is why they’re broken up)

    That’s breakfasts & lunches for me and my wife for the entire week. We are eating well. And I’d venture to say that we’re “just as clean” as any #whole30 disciple.

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