Project Lifestyle. v2015

I’m not one for resolutions. I never have been. I scoff at the people who flood the gyms after January 1, and when I was a member, I used to get annoyed when they would take over my machines and watch as they fell like flies as the weeks passed.

But I do believe in kick starting things whenever you need to, any time of the year.

This week, even though New Years is Thursday, I’m going out with a bang and eating like crap. Aim high, friends. There won’t be any lifestyle changes started on January 1 here.

I like things that are even. Symmetrical. Clean. I like starting fresh. I like a shiny new calendar with perfectly written plans.

So starting Sunday, January 4, 2015, I’ll get real and start Project Eat In and See Jess Run.

We’re a big junk food house and that’s a bad thing, obviously. Going into the new year, I want to get whole again. Fresh foods. Eat out less. Right now I’m on overload and my body is craving it.

So this week I’ll let myself eat what I want. Buy breakfast and lunch at work if I want. Oooooh breakfast tacos. I’ll eat the biscocho cookies my dad’s girlfriend generously sent home and enjoy them with milk. Then I’ll reign it in.

I’m realistic. I’ve never been one for eating salads or going all grilled and all healthy. That’s not me and it’ll never be. I believe in moderation.

A couple years ago, I took the month of January and decided I would not eat out (Project Eat In). I didn’t eat out, not even one meal. Even on weekends. Not sure how I did that, but I did. I’m shooting for that, but if we go out with friends for dinner or eat with the kids at a real restaurant (not Chick Fil A), I’ll enjoy a meal–a modest one.

Eating in changes your diet. You save money, which is awesome, but you eat less crap because you obviously don’t pack a cheeseburger and fries for lunch. Facebook friends have helped me choose Tupperware and silicone cupcake liners–and I’ll be packing lunch. Nothing fancy (think protein boxes), but stuff to fill the void when there’s not enough leftovers from the night before.

Cooking more means we all eat better. Less crap for everyone. Hooray! I’m aspiring to make less boxed stuff, despite the fact my kids actually prefer it. 21 days for a habit, right?

I’m also hoping and planning for this to kickstart my running. A year ago I was gearing up for the Walt Disney World marathon. 26.2 miles. I did that. I DID THAT. I will do that again.

But for now, I just want to get back into race shape–even if it’s just 10k. I want to say “I’m a runner” and feel like I deserve to say it and not be embarrassed when people ask me how my running is going.

I’ll start small. I’ll pack my bag and make plans to run at lunch. No excuses, no interruptions to my time at home.

It’s time to See Jess run.




Not resolution.




10 thoughts on “Project Lifestyle. v2015

  1. We are TOTALLY down with that! I’ve thrown out a bunch of crap today and starting tomorrow, we are eating better. Why do we always wait until January for this??

    • It’s on! Im glad you’re in! We can do this. Omg the crap. Im already sick of it actually. I need to get running. It’s so damn cold though that it sucks.

  2. Jess, I love the idea of Project Eat In. Now I need to get my family on board with that. I am starting to eat cleaner and eat less crap. I ate way too much crap over the holidays. Running in the cold stinks. I’ve got all the gear now. I just need to get my rear up and out the door.

    • It’s so funny. I decided I was doing this and then Ava said as part of a family new year’s resolution (that we would all do a list of that would earn us a trip to Disney World-lol) she wouldn’t eat out. First trip out of the house she was begging for Chinese take out at the mall. It was so tempting because she HADN’T had it in forever, but we didn’t bend and I cooked at home and she loved it.

  3. Was it really only a year ago that I’m *still* kicking myself for not meeting up with you? I have a friend running the Disney Half next weekend and I find myself really, really jealous.

    Mmmmmm, breakfast tacos.

    I’ll fully admit that I’m resolutioning this year . . . I was good all of last year, truly. And I believe I got “cleaner” and “better” as the year went on . . . until the holidays. I knew Christmas was going to be rough, but I stayed, mostly, on target (picture “Stay on target, stay on target” from Star Wars) . . . then my birthday hit. My mom made me my favorite cake, and I had half of the cake to take home from the restaurant, and then we went to friends for New Year’s, where I feasted on salty foods and wine and cheese.

    I let things coast all weekend — not being especially “good,” but not going overbaord on the “bad” side, either . . . but now that it’s Monday? Bring in breakfast. Bring in lunch. Eat out less. And dammit, I’m going to find a way to run more this year.

    • Dammit John. I blame you for that. 😉 Yeah I’d run a marathon again just to go back and run one there. I still want to run Dopey for my 40th birthday. Go big or go home, right?

      Um, I know nothing of Star Wars. Cheese is my favorite. And salt. Wine I can do without, but savory deliciousness is so good. I’ve so far done well with my not eating out and not downing all the sweets. It’s the 6th. And I’m about to partake in cake to celebrate the new commissioner at our agency. But I didn’t eat out and I had a banana with my peanut butter jelly for breakfast. Baby steps. Ha!

  4. You turn 40 in what year? Dopey Challenge for my 40th could be fun . . . 3 years away. Hmmmmmmmm.

    You know, at one point, I was a vegetarian (now, I’m mostly paleo — I still eat a lot of veggies, but meat is my friend). I tried to go vegan, but the draw of cheese was just too much. Why must it be so tasty?!

    • In 2020. So in 6 years? A vegetarian?!?! Wow. That’s tough. Maybe I could do no beef. Maybe. But I love it too much. Drooooool cheeese ::Homer Simpson voice::

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