Nine. And why the Internet is awesome.

Nine years ago I was in law school. Finishing up my last semester and getting ready to graduate. I had never really thought about having kids, I was never one of those girls who romanticized the idea of being a mom and having kids. But something hit me and I knew. After three years of being married, it was time to add a third to to our home.

When I got pregnant, I was graduating and getting ready for the bar exam. I remember going home for Mother’s Day (appropriately) and surprising our parents with the news. I still remember the squeal from my mom when she found out, and how she knew Ava was a girl. Little did I know Ava would be the safety blanket and comfort I needed through the sickness and loss of my mom.

When I was looking for baby names, I found a cool little online forum (message board) where women could go to talk about all things pregnancy, names, and babies. It was there I met a group of ladies and we were all having kids in December. That’s where the December Mommies was born.

That board was a lifesaver since we all figured out the whole pregnancy thing as first time moms together. I didn’t have other friends around who were pregnant, so being able to ask random questions about common and crazy things helped out. I think it helped us all.

We welcomed all of our babies with sweet Ella, came a bit early, in late November. The babies then came all through December until just after Christmas.

My Ava was born on December the 9th and we welcomed her with love. J and I were in awe and I suddenly couldn’t imagine how life was before her. I was lucky enough to be home with her and not have to work to she was older and I soaked up all the time I had with her as I watched that amazing little creature grow.

The years have come and gone, and we’ve grown apart as life sometimes happens, but thanks to technology and Facebook, we’re able to watch the kids grow up and turn nine together. We’ve been together as we’ve lost my mom and my dear friend Maribel’s mom to cancer. We’ve been together for the births of more babies. No matter what, we are here.

We’re an amazing group of women and I’m incredibly grateful to say that I’ve made friendships that have stood the test of time– nearly 10 years and counting. Through my tough times I’ve had support from these ladies cheering me on. Today, I’ve got one of the best friends in the world that I’ve yet to meet in person. She’s with me through the blahs and the happy and we text about it all along the way. Someday, I’ll hug her. Someday I will.

I have all of these friendships because this beautiful baby girl came into our lives and changed my world forever. She makes me better. She inspires me everyday.

She’s got the biggest heart and is incredibly smart–and that’s not just a biased mama talking. She’s witty, she’s well spoken, she’s creative and well read. Ava is one of the kindest souls you will ever know. She’s got an intuitiveness about her that seeks out anyone that is in need of caring and offers all that she has.

How I was so lucky to end up with such an amazing child is beyond me. But I’m thankful everyday for how special and wonderful she is and that she’s ours.

And now she is 9.


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