Yes, Ava, There is A Santa Claus

Ava will be 9 in just 2 weeks. I’m not even sure how, but she will.

I’m fighting an uphill battle to ensure she still believes in Santa. She’s already put me on notice that lots of kids at her school do not believe in Santa. We discussed it on the way home one day. My stomach did a lurch and I asked her what she thought.  They just don’t know, but “I believe,” she said, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s not about what you see or what people say, I told her.

It’s about what you truly believe in your heart.

And I believe in his magic of giving.

She does too.

This is my hardest Christmas yet because I know it’ll probably be my last where they both believe. Luckily, she’s the most amazing big sister and she’ll keep Allie believing for years to come.

I don’t even remember how old I was when I stopped believing, but I do remember the one Christmas we were all ecstatic when Santa came while we were at church. SURELY it couldn’t have been my parents. That was probably one of the last years that I believed–but it worked.

So how am I doing it?

cards*~Ava gets a yearly card from Santa. He talks to her about things only she would know–like references from her Christmas card or things like her report card. It has a picture of him, and this year, her card even had a picture of his reindeer. That look of excitement there? That is real. Sheer awe and not staged even a little. I was so happy.

Ava got her first card too.  She colored all over it, in true Allie style, but that’s what she does and that’s ok, too.

*~Gingerbread, our Elf on the Shelf, got here early last night. Normally she comes the morning after Thanksgiving. Last night, she was waiting for us when we got back from Friendsgiving. She was in the tiny bed Ava had set out for her and was fast asleep. Surely no one could have touched her or set her out (not that I think she thinks we move her, or at least I’m not sure she does), so this was extra magical.

*~Then there’s the texts to Santa. Oh my Santa. It’s awesome having awesome friends with awesome husbands that you obviously don’t text often. Except when you change their names to Santa Claus and narc on your kid for bad behavior. And then they respond with the most perfectly perfect response and your heart grows 10 sizes because you’re so grateful that amazing people like that are in your life.

*~I’ve gotta admit. I took a sneak peek at Ava’s list to Santa before I “sent it out.” She put a tall order in there and I made sure it happened. There were a few things on there and they were very specific.  Who knows if she’ll even remember what they were when Christmas morning comes, but I will.

*~We’ll be seeing the big man on Sunday for pictures. Of course not the REAL Santa. Because, obviously. That would be impossible. He can’t be at every mall in the world because he’s busy and has things to do and can’t be in 100000 places at once. These are visitor Santas and that’s ok too. Cute pictures to come, I’m sure.

I know Christmas is about CHRIST. I’m the first person to tell you that. That’s how I was brought up. You’ll never find me writing or typing X-mas. I hate that. I still don’t love all the pressure of gifts, but I do enjoy it when people truly appreciate and enjoy the gifts that you give them. And I love the excitement of my girls’ faces on Christmas morning. I also love that my girls both know that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday–that’s why we celebrate.  He is the Reason for the Season.

So we’ve got a big job ahead of us. But we’re ready for the task.

She’ll believe.


4 thoughts on “Yes, Ava, There is A Santa Claus

  1. I think Sunday is our day for pictures with Santa — wake up, go to church, and then visit Bass Pro (because they have the best Santa’s Helper around). I just hope the kids aren’t TOO cranky by the time we finish with the line. It’s always tricky.

    Bo, our Elf on the Shelf (The La took one look at him when she was not quite two years old, exclaimed “BO!” and, well, that was his name) arrived the day after Thanksgiving, as we set up the Christmas tree. Here’s hoping he finds fewer places that he REALLY LIKES (and, therefore, doesn’t move from night to night) this year, as last year, I think, he spent a full week in a stocking by the fire (but, well, it’s warm there, so it’s hard to blame him for being comfy).

    One way to be less angered when you see X-mas . . . in Greek, Christ is ??????? (HREE-stos, in phonetic English). When you think of that, citing Christmas as X-mas is, really, no different than calling a “Jennifer” “Jen”.

    • I love the Bass Pro Santa!!! They are fantastic there. I hope your pics went as well as ours did!

      I already dropped the ball on Gingerbread. Crap. But HAHAHA on the stocking. Ours will probably making a visit to each person’s stocking. Maybe as a consolation she’ll bring each person a gift.

      Duh! Genius. Chi (X) I should know this. Genius. The Greek sorority girl in me (who has pretty much long since nearly died), thanks you.

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