Random Jess- October version

Oh what a couple of weeks it’s been. Meetings and school stuff and strep and colds. Gah. So here’s the random stuff I’m so good at. At least, I think I am.

Jess likes food. Consider this a lesson in Texas food. This top pic is how my office does employee appreciation. Pulled pork sandwiches smoked on site for hours in big awesome pits, served with all the fixin’s. Beans. Corn. Banana pudding. Sweet tea.

Next pic is a kolache. Friends, this is egg, cheese and ham (or sausage) wrapped in bready goodness. All the goodness of a breakfast taco subbed with bread.

Then of course there’s queso. Who doesn’t love it? I just happen to make mine in my office at work. I’m the queso girl for parties. Romeo tomatoes, Velveeta, crock pot. Done. Boom.
1. Taylor Swift has a new album. She’s not my favorite. I hadn’t even heard her new hit till this week. Out of choice and stubbornness. Then I saw my friend Heather gave her a go. Sure, ok. Then. This happened. Before I knew it, I had purchased. Not even ashamed. This is one of my faves.
2. Got these in the mail. Whoa. Delicious!!!! So chiplike!!!
3. Google has a new mail app/client. You have to get an invite (remember the days waiting for one to get Gmail?) but not for too long. I dig it and will stick with it on my iDevices, but Gmail on the computer (it doesn’t have chat).
4. Lowe’s already has all of their Christmas stuff set. It’s kind of awesome. Don’t hate. Least I’m not listening to Christmas playlists.
Then there’s my buy/don’t buy piece (not sponsored).
Colossal mascara? Awesome. Love it. Can’t go wrong and always my go to. Now to the bad guy, because that’s what we’re really here to talk about.

Do NOT NOT NOT buy that hydrofuge mascara. It’s horrendous. Think rubber cement on your eyelashes. It’s irritating, smells, and clumps. It’s impossible to take off. Forget eye makeup remover. I even use Vaseline (trick my mom used to use) and I have to rub a lot on there and it still doesn’t get it all off. IMG_0200.JPG


2 thoughts on “Random Jess- October version

  1. I’m trying to “no refined flours or sugar” until the marathon . . . 9 days from today (not that I’m counting), so I’m drooling at your bready goodness right now (which sounds far dirtier & more suggestive than I meant it to be, but, well, I’m me, so I’m not about to change it).

    Those snap-pea “chips” were unexpectedly wonderful. I haven’t allowed myself to buy them, yet (much like refined flours & sugars, I’m trying to keep snacking to a minimum . . . those are snacks that I would try to turn to, but, it’s “just” a work week)

    Love queso. I make mine the same way đŸ™‚

    I’ll take your word on the make-up advice. Though, well, I may be coming to you in just a little bit . . . my four year old seems to be turning into a 14 year old, overnight . . . I may need make-up application advice before too long.

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