Mean Girls, Donuts & Hair

Mean Girls October 3rd

That probably means nothing to you unless you were a teenager 10 years ago. Or maybe you’re a part of the “Clueless” generation. Or your best buddy sends you a “Happy Mean Girls Day ” text to start your morning off right.

Or you’re me and it’s all of the above–minus the teenager part.

In 2004 “Mean Girls” made its debut before Lindsay Lohan had the crazy. Rachel McAdams and Tina Fey are in it too, so it’s even more awesome.

The October 3rd thing is a part of the movie where Lindsay Lohan’s character tells her crush what day it is. And just like on “Wednesdays we wear pink,” this became a thing.

Even Time magazine did a hilarious piece about Mean Girls Day recapping the top moments from the movie, so it’s like totally fetch.

Obviously: I love Mean Girls. It’s on my iPad. It’s in my top 3 favorite movies. When I’m crazed at work I play it in the background. I can pretty much recite it by heart. I’m not even ashamed to say that my top favorite movies aren’t deep, stirring classics (other than Gone with the Wind). I like fluff and I cannot lie.

So I either completely just wasted 3 minutes of your time (sorry) or we just had a quick stroll down memory lane with Cady and Regina. Either way you learned that I like teenage cult classics. If you know me, this doesn’t come as a surprise at all. Pitch Perfect… Devil Wears Prada…


We had a LONG commute on Wednesday. Multiple accidents and stalls meant that it took us 1.5 hours door to door to work. Yeah.

We ended up trying to bypass traffic and drove by our favorite donut shop. Allie asked if we could get donuts for her teachers (she’s super thoughtful like that), and

A) traffic was going nowhere,
B) it’s always nice to do something for teachers, and
C) I like donuts and I like keeping a 3 year old happy in gridlock.

So we stopped. Allie got donut holes and I got this:


Delicious melt in your mouth goodness. Until Allie looked at me with disgust and says, “that donut is HUGE. Mines are little.”

Thanks for that, honey.  She’d be a great diet coach.

I got a hair cut! Apparently this is a yearly thing because Timehop (an awesome app that shows you pics from same day, previous years) showed me I got my hair cut exactly this same way a year ago.

The top is what I was going for, and the bottom is what I got. I’m not so good with styling, so close enough. I wanted to go shorter so I think this is a step there. Next up? Probably darker hair.


Happy October 3rd, y’all!!


4 thoughts on “Mean Girls, Donuts & Hair

  1. Love the hair! LOVE

    I’m sad that I had to look up #MeanGirlsDay, when I saw the tweets on the 3rd . . . though, um, the movie that’s in greatest rotation for me is Super Troopers, so it’s not like I can claim a classy high ground. I’ve seen Mean Girls, and enjoyed it . . . but, having a penis, I’m not sure I’m the intended “must watch over and over again” target.

    Have you read The Oatmeal on running? I can’t see “Godzilla” without thinking of Gozilla’s Penis (mainly writing this just to include the word “penis” in two separate paragraphs on your blog . . . you can thank me when the search engine spam comes at you with all sorts of oddities).

    Though, to be sure, Godzilla’s Doughnut looks amazing. I’m actually possibly looking at changing jobs in the next few weeks . . . if everything plays out as I believe it will, I’m going to drive past my absolute favorite doughnut place, twice a day — I’ve been so good with eating right lately, but I don’t know if it’s going to hold if I have an extra 20 minutes in the car, each way, and an extra 20% salary.

    • Awww sweetness, you’re too good to me.

      As for MeanGirlsDay, don’t feel bad. Super Troopers is pretty damn hilarious. Also hilarious? Road Trip and several other man movies. Have you seen Idiocracy? Gets me every time. Love that stupid movie.

      The Oatmeal? HILARIOUS. And also I never really got the boob bleeding thing. Maybe dudes need sports bras too then. I just don’t get it. There’s somehow a crack about running a marathon. As miserable as it was to go WALK DISNEY WORLD after running a marathon (because geniuses do that) I want to complete a Dopey Challenge. I WILL do it. 5k, 10k, half and a full in one weekend. Let’s do it!! Maybe years from now when I’m a constant racer like you, but still. I WILL do it. I want a wall full of medals from one weekend. I’ll be like $500 more poor, but it’ll happen.

      Are you still going to be able to work out if you take the new job? Honestly you and your constant work outs are so motivating. Granted half the time I still sit on my ass, but at least I feel bad about it. Shaming me into running. SHAMING. I’ll get back on it. I want to race. There’s a half here in February (not realistic) and a 10k after that–totally happening.

  2. MEAN GIRLS DAY! Timehop reminded me to text you that. My all time favorite guilty pleasure movie is a toss up between Clueless and Legally Blonde. Unless I’m at a fancy party or something, then you’ll hear me say it’s The Shawshank Redemption.

    • Girlllll I owe you. And also I do love Shawshank. Except for the yuck parts which I have to switch channels on because yikes. But I’m all about that movie. It is pretty awesome. And don’t forget Overboard!

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