School So Far

So far…

Allie has moved up to a new 3 year old class with new friends and new teachers. It didn’t faze her one bit, but I was the one that was sad that she was leaving her little 4 pack of buddies. I’m rational and told myself that they’d to meet up together on the playground, but still. We definitely miss the comfortable place with the old teachers and the old classroom, but you can’t be in the same place forever or you’ll grow moss, right? I should’ve known she’d be fine.  She loves going to school and looks forward to seeing her teachers.

Allie’s already learning a few letters which is absolutely awesome and exciting to me!! She’s tracing letters with her fingers whenever she sees them and she’s sounding them out. Right now we’re on letter “C” so there’s a long way to go to get to “Z”, but I can definitely see that she’s going places.

I love that they’ve got computers in her class. They even have Spanish class (even if it’s just 30 minutes a week). The fun thing is she sometimes watches me drive up and is waiting for me at the door with her day’s work in hand.


~~~TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, read STANDARDIZED TESTING) is up on us. This is the first year Ava is taking these tests. At back to school night we learned that all of the cool stuff they’re working on is gearing for TEKS. At least it won’t be boring. I get it, I do. There has to be a way to test kids to ensure they’re all learning, regardless of school. But it’s rough.


Ava had some word problems (TEKS style) the other day and I will absolutely admit that we were stumped.  As adults, we read things literally. At school, she got taught something different. Regardless, it was a lesson that everyone had a hard time with we weren’t the only ones.

I imagine that somewhere in the back of their little heads, they feel the pressure. Before school started, we were talking about what she was excited about and expectations, and one of her fears (besides math) was testing. How she even knew about it is beyond me. But she did.

~~~She’s currently moving on up in ballet but she took last semester off so we’re still “figuring stuff out” as far as whether she’ll be able to stay in that class. She’s a little behind but there’s nowhere for her to go since she’s aged out of the last class. It’s a little frustrating to say the least, but I guess there’s always private classes for her to catch up. We’ll see how this plays out. Guess I’ll just be the squeaky wheel everywhere I go. Helicopter anyone?

~~~Now for the fun stuff.  Ava made choir at school. HOORAY!! She was so pumped. It’s been her “dream” to be in choir since she started school. She’s so excited for her first concert in November.   We’re also planning a museum/historic monument trip. Living in Austin we have a ton of options.  I think we might finally visit the Texas Memorial Museum and check out some dinosaurs.



As for me, I’ll be visiting the Harry Ransom Center at University of Texas where they have a “Making of Gone with the Wind” exhibit. I can’t wait to wander and take it all in. My mom adored Scarlett and would have loved going to this exhibit. The exhibit will even feature Scarlett’s famous “green” dress (apparently it’s more of an olive color) on display.

I love the movie–even if it is a far departure from the book (this exhibit talks about the reasons for that). I read my mom’s worn copy of the book cover to cover and will probably read it again, and I’ve started the so-called sequel, “Scarlett.”


 Anyway, how’s school going for y’all? Tell me we aren’t alone.


5 thoughts on “School So Far

  1. Hey – today’s Gone with the Wind Day! There is a limited edition feature in theatres nation-wide!

    My elementary school music teacher, at one point, had the world’s largest collection of Gone With the Wind memorabilia.

    Hooray for choir! Seriously, that rocks. One of my friends just had a son start playing saxophone & it’s been wonderful to hear how things are going. Does Ava read music well?

    Both of mine are still in preschool, so afternoon classes, three days a week. For the most part, they really like it . . . augment that with CJ in karate and Leila in dance twice a week. I may start teaching piano lessons after my current musical engagement, as well.

  2. I am finally relaxing into the routine and the transition. Both girls are at the same school, and they both adore dance. I finally know who needs to be where when. Hooray! it only took me the whole month.

  3. Choir was my favorite part of school from day 1 all the way through senior year. As John said, I hope she learns to read music well… that was the one thing I never mastered, so I sang from hearing/memory.

    • Dude! You and Ava can FaceTime some choir 😉 I had no idea you sang choir through senior year, did I???? Yeah, the whole reading music thing I didn’t even think of!

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