Meadow Saturnglow

I picked Ava up after school and she proudly showed me her new smile and tooth-filled baggie.  She finally wiggled out her loose tooth and that meant one thing…dun dun dunnnnnnn–the tooth fairy (TF) would be making an unplanned visit to our home that evening.

Luckily I had cash in my purse, no additional work required. Other than remembering to actually hide the fiver under her pillow. Score! 

But no. The pressure was on after Ava told me that her bff left a note asking for her tooth fairy’s name and got one back with something cool and not only that, she got PIXIE DUST.

A name AND pixie dust?

Now the $5 in my purse seemed exceedingly inadequate. Jess was going to be making a late night trip to HEB (the grocery store) once the girls were in bed. So my story begins.

First things first–the pixie dust. HEB is awesome. School supplies for glitter? Check.  Then off to floral where they had this awesome tiny jar with bent metal on it that looks just like…pixie wings! The whole store probably heard my excitement when I found it. DONE. For good measure, picked up a crisp $5 to replace my crumpled one.

On to her name. I am not creative enough to come up with a cool name for a tooth fairy.  Off to the almighty Google.  First site up on the search results lead me HERE, and Meadow Saturnglow was born.  I took a few flowery details from the site and winged it by incorporating some of the things Ava and I had wondered about that afternoon–does each family gets their own tooth fairy; where does she live; is she a queen? It took me at least 30 minutes to sit there and try to print out that fancy cursive-ish, but I knew she’d love it.

Pixie Dust and Notes from the Tooth Fairy

Pixie Dust and Notes from the Tooth Fairy

When I snuck up to leave the goodies for her, I found a tiny wrapped gift for the tooth fairy. I couldn’t bring myself to unwrap it, so I just taped her tooth to it and stuck it in a hiding spot. This part is as wonderful as Christmas morning. It makes your heart grow 10 sizes and you realize why you jump through all the hoops for your babies.

Ava woke up that morning and was beyond happy. She studied her note and reread and reread it. She was so pleased with herself because she KNEW she was right about the tooth fairy being a queen and living in the clouds.

And there you have it, folks. That is the story of how Meadow, our family tooth fairy came to be. She will belong to my girls forever and living in the cloud as the queen with her rose petal skirt and pale pink wings.

It’ll be a sad sad day when I can’t get to do these missions for these girls anymore. I hope they keep their little hearts believing for a long, long time.


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