I went to a small high school for students wanting to pursue a career in the medical field. I am clearly not a doctor. Not sure what happened there, but it was a great school so it worked out, and I learned a few things along the way. And I know how to take blood pressure.

Since we were so small, we shared our campus with another high school and piggy-backed extracurriculars. I was a flag girl in band, did a brief stint on the tennis team (yikes), and I played on the golf team.

Some parents went to football games, but I can honestly say I don’t remember a ton being there. But in high school, you’re focus is far from parents in the stands, duh. My parents went to my games to watch me on the field,  but I don’t think a lot parents did that. Thanks mom and dad. There were no band boosters making fancy buttons with ribbons saying “My kid is in the Band” or shirts saying “Cheer Mom.”  It wasn’t like that.

Last weekend we went to a small “hometown” high school football game.

Parents were everywhere. There were all types of sassy “My kid is a Dancer and I’m just as Hot” shirts (I made that up, but you get the gist). 

There was the band, the cheer squad and the ginormous dance team. A 50 member dance troop. I’d never seen such a thing until college. These girls were made up like dolls and pulled out the makeup just before halftime to make sure they stayed that way. Allie tried to copy their cheers from the stands.

Everyone was so proud of their team, their kids. They had a fight song with words! My cousins went to that high school and sang along with hooked pinkies. I had never seen a fight song till we visited my sister in law at Texas A&M (THAT was cool).

It was so much fun. The girls had a blast and so did we.

photo (5)

Of course, college football is in full effect. I’m sporting my SMU Mustangs t-shirt today. I love working at an office where I can dress like this. I have to buck the system and wear something that isn’t burnt orange around here. Last week it was my blue and green in prep of the Notre Dame v. Michigan game (last game of the historic series).

Don’t ask me who SMU plays this weekend, because I have no clue without looking it up, plus they’ll probably lose anyway.  Truth.  I do know that June Jones (their former head football coach) has resigned so maybe now their interim head football coach can give them a better shot at scoring at least a few points and not being outscored 88 points in 2 games.  To be fair, one game was against Baylor who is a top ranked team.  Poor ponies.

Another confession? I never went to a SMU football game during my 3 years of law school.  Um…or the 4 years that I lived in Dallas after that.

I can tell you that Notre Dame plays Purdue tomorrow and that they SHUT OUT Michigan last weekend. Sorry Andrea. Good job Michigan for giving it the good old college try.

If the atmosphere was awesome at this little high school football game, I can’t even wait to see what the stadium is gonna be like at Notre Dame when we head up there. All I know is we’ll be looking to Touchdown Jesus and praying to Our Lady of Victory that weekend!


*Disclaimer: I do not actually know much about football. Without instant replay, I’d be in trouble. I have to pay really close attention and know just a few things: horse collar, false start, delay of game. Yeah still learning. I know just enough to make it sound like I know something. But I’m learning! Might as well be able to do something besides go to a game just to eat nachos and eat candy.


One thought on “Football!

  1. First off, damn you’re cute.

    My high school graduating class was 92 people — it sounds like your high school experience & mine were the same . . . and mine, since I was in the marching band, my parents only ever came to see the band, and, even then, it was, generally, only if they were one of the parent volunteers to get the pit on/off the field.

    However, college football has never had much appeal for me . . . I think it’s the way I grew up (in the shadow of NYC). Because there are so many colleges/universities, and there are no traditional college football powerhouses, football just didn’t get much airtime on the evening news (and high school football got ZERO airtime – I still remember laughing when, after moving to central PA, I saw high school football featured on the 6 o’clock news . . . I thought it was cute, until I realized that it’s the regular lead-in). For me, it’s all pro, or nothing.

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