Fall Bug

As of August 25 or something, Starbucks sent out an announcement that made pumpkin (and fall) lovers everywhere squeal with delight.

Despite their attempt at being cute by saying “Ehrmergourd” in their email (just no), and the attempt at making you feel like you were in a top secret club by giving the top secret “code” to get the barista to share the goods (they’d probably laugh), fall officially arrived in the Starbucks loving suburban world.

It’s here. The PSL. Pumpkin. Spice. Latte.

But then there was that one blogger who tried to poo all over it by saying *GASP* there’s no pumpkin in this latte! Um, ok, you’re surprised? And food coloring, bad chemicals, the usual. Words words words.

Regardless, I had my first PSL of the season on Saturday (8/30) and I have no shame in saying it. It was damn good, too. Picture it: sipping a latte, pjs, cinnamon rolls, and College Gameday. Yessssssss. That’s the picture of fall.

IMG_0136I’m pretty sure I’m having J climb up into the attic this weekend to bring down my fall box(es). Last year I wasn’t in the zone and I didn’t get a single thing put up. Nope, not this year. It’s on. Maybe I’ll even decorate the office. Might as well pretty up the place I’m holed up for 8 hours a day.

Crank the OneRepublic, pour the PSL and add in the perfect decor and it’s like my office will be a cozy little nook of productivity or something. *heh*

Maybe I’ll even craft up one of these babies, because I’ve come back to the world of Pinterest. Exhausting days at work require mindless zone out time in the evening. One can’t watch Gypsy Sisters every night, you know.

Minus the initial, of course, because I’m weird about that stuff.

The ballet semester is starting up again. Both of the girls are ready to get back to class.

There is college football to be watched. High school football games to attend.

Most importantly and most exciting for us, we’ve got a Notre Dame football game ahead of us. IN SOUTH BEND. Ahhhhhh!!!! Cam McDaniel (Texas boy) and Coach Brian Kelly. Eeeeek!

So yeah, I’ve got the fall bug. If you see a girl in jeans and a scarf, it’s me. Because my office is 60 degrees. Yeah, that’s it.


6 thoughts on “Fall Bug

  1. I am so glad Fall is coming! I just wish the temperatures would get a clue too. I know it’s got to still be sweltering in Texas like it is in Alabama. And I love a PSL. I just cannot make myself drink one when it’s 93º outside. So I NEED the temps to drop so I can enjoy the goodness of that PSL 😉

  2. Wait? You are coming to South Bend? So close to me… we were there last weekend. Have so much fun! I am ready for long sleeves and crisp air coming in our windows.

  3. I love fall.

    But, yeah, the PSL meme that made the rounds made me laugh. If I have fresh pumpkin, I put it in my coffee . . . but it takes me 20 minutes to make my coffee, and, with honest pumpkin, there’s a gritty texture to it — I don’t mind it, and, in fact, have gotten used to it, but few would accept it in their coffee. PSL is pumpkin spice – it’s not pumpkin. And the rest, the chemicals & corn & everything else? How is this different than anything else you buy? You can choose to live a little, or you can make everything yourself . . . and while I do what I can, in the latter camp, you need to live a little.

    That said, I haven’t had a PSL, just because my days have seen far too much cheese & wine lately . . . adding sugar to that mix might just be pushing the scale over the edge, or something.

    • I just don’t see you as a PSL kind of guy. Processed chemicals and food coloring aside.

      Cheese, totally on board. Wine, meh. Don’t tell my wine programs at work. But Crown? Now that’s my drink of choice.

      None of this is going to be in context bc the comment is so old.

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