First Monday

The first day of school brings grand ideas of fresh baked banana muffins for breakfast (we did have those) as we get ready to walk out the door early to avoid the back to school crowds so that we can settle in to the new desk and visit with friends in the hallways.

But there’s the sleepyhead toddler getting used to first day of the new school year’s wake up call.

And then. And then. And then.

You get to school where all the rest of the neighborhood is walking in their kids so you have to park nearly a quarter mile from school (or close to it) in makeup and work clothes with a 30 lb weight on your side. It’s steamy in Texas. There was sweat.  Thank goodness for air conditioning.

Drop off is a success. First day of school picture is taken.

Then on the way back, a kid escaping from school- or something- runs you down (the whole back of your leg) with his bike. Literally. He doesn’t stain your pants at least. Phew.

But then traffic is great-especially for the first day of school. And a Monday.

And you come in to find something that leaves you with a smile. The elusive Jess coke that you’ve been chasing all over with a happy note to start the day. It’s the little things that bring the happy.



4 thoughts on “First Monday

  1. So I figured with a name like Necole,it would never be on a bottle. I most certainly knew it would not be spelled like mine. One day at work I went to get a diet coke for a friend, and voila! Nicole was on a bottle. Too much fun!

    • I swear the Coke name campaign is the smartest ever. I still have that bottle sitting on my desk.

      My cousin’s name is Nicole! (Not Necole, but close) Love it 🙂

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