Week in Review

The week is done and tomorrow starts third grade for Ava. Allie’s new year doesn’t start till next week.

Last week was a short one. I had a day of work then we went on a mini vacay after lots of procrastinating and lots of indecisiveness about where we would end up. Literally a few days before we left, and two reservations in two cities later, we finally figured it out.


More on that later I’m tired and as expected, it was only mildly relaxing in the evenings but the kids had a blast, so that’s what matters.

1) Gypsy Sisters is back. It’s an embarrassingly trashy show (super bad) on TLC. Love that show. Sometimes you just need to indulge. Even if it’s in 5 minute spurts when no one is around.

2) So is Dallas! I know this sounds like I’m a couch potato, but really these are the only two shows that are worth my time on the DVR. But seriously, DALLAS. John Ross. Christopher. Sue Ellen!

3) Manziel got fined for his incredibly immature and unsportsmanlike move against the Redskins. In case you didn’t catch it before they censored it, he flipped them off. Winner. Then he got sacked by Michael Sam (Chargers) who then did Manziel’s signature “money fingers”. Ha! Two wrongs don’t make a right, but that dude is just a tool.

4) OneRepublic. We saw them last night at Circuit of the Americas. (Date night!)

IMG_0130Holy. Krrrrrrrraaaaap. Oh. My. Gooooosssshhh. Seriously. If that’s not enough to express my amazement of how awesome they were in concert? I think I have … Downgraded John Mayer. Gasp!!! At least for concert. He’s still a song writing and guitar playing genius.

Seriously. Two songs in and I had already dubbed it best concert ever. The cello, piano, the violin. Mind blowing. It was all so gorgeous. Ryan Tedder (lead) has a voice like nothing else. The entire band just all sang so well in harmony and they all sound amazing. They need a live album like yesterday.

“Counting Stars” was as awesome as you could imagine. Even better? When the song was winding down, Ryan ran RIGHT next to us as he headed up the stairs to the upper level. Whoooooa there was even more screaming than there already was. I gave the teen girl next to me a run for her money.

Allie and I have jammed to this song in the car no less than 15 times. Not even kidding. And we’ve only been in the car twice. She has been requesting “Baby” since I played it this morning. It’s a “happy” song. She’s my music buddy.

If they come to your city, GO.

Christina Perri opened and she was fantastic! It blew me away what a strong voice came out of a tiny person. And yes, she has a lot of upbeat songs and we heard more than “Jar of Hearts.”

Me + live music = super happy. Totally good way to kick off the week.

Needless to say, this day before the new year has been the epitome of lazy relaxation. Just what we needed.


4 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. There really is nothing like live music, is there? I get such a charge out of watching amazing performers with a great crowd. Even better is when I have a great crowd & I’m on stage.

    One of the unexpected side-effects from ditching cable and handling TV through Hulu/Netflix/Amazon Prime is that I don’t watch trashy TV anymore. Everything I watch, I need to consciously choose – which is great, but I’ll never just turn on the TV & watch what’s on. And I can’t get into a trashy show because it “just was on.” This was a HUGE oversight on my part.

    The 2014 Cleveland Browns season is going to give a new definition of schadenfreude.

    • I had to google schadenfreude. Awesome. That’s me and the games. I’m not on the Cowboys bandwagon. I’m the anti-Texan. I’m surprised I haven’t been banished. Romo is such a giant douche to me.

      Seriously. Live music is my jam. Living in Austin is the Mecca. You have to come down here.

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