Another year has come and gone. I’m now 34.  Yup, my birthday was last Tuesday. I generally like to go under the radar for birthdays.

I got my driver’s license renewed and already got it back in the mail. The picture is fine enough but it looks like a selfie because they couldn’t get the lighting to DPS specifications and kept making me move closer. Dear officer, I promise it’s not a fake.

I’m one year closer to the 40th birthday bash I decided I’m throwing myself at Disney World. No kids allowed.  Or something, at least that’s what’s in my head for now. Maybe I’ll grow up and pick someplace grown ups go. Or not. In true Jess fashion I’ll park hop and hit downtown Disney. Yay!

But seriously.

For me, birthdays have never been about parties. Well, except for the awesome quinceañera I had when I turned 15. That’s a huge deal when you’re in high school. My parents were awesome enough to throw me one.

As I’ve gotten older I think birthdays have become less and less about making a big to do.

Birthdays are a chance to stop and think about all the blessings in life. To look around you at the people and places in your life and be grateful.

They’re a chance for you to look to your parents and say THANKS.

They’re a chance for my girls to get to celebrate me, and I love the homemade and hand picked cards.

Looking around, things are pretty awesome in my world and I’m really thankful.


12 thoughts on “34.

    • Thanks, Kristi! Had a couple of fabulous lunches and dinners. Hope back to school is going well! I need to catch up on your blog. At least for August 😉

    • Ok I am horrible at commenting bc this is a month and a half late.

      But anyway, was having lunch with my cousin today when we were talking about me turning 21. I almost freaked bc I was afraid it was 20 years ago. Then realized the math was wrong.

      40 doesn’t really freak me out.

      I think.

  1. First, how did I not know that you’re younger than I am (I turn 37 in December). I think I’ve always had this picture of you as super-put-together, and, therefore, you MUST be older than me. Or something.

    Second, how did I not know it was your birthday?


    • Ha!!!! Thanks a lot thinking I’m older. I’m so put together this comment is only 41 days late.

      Yup. I like to skip out on birthdays because I feel all weird with people wishing me a happy birthday. I want to be treated like a birthday princess without being doted on. Because I make so much sense.

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