Oh hi! It’s me.

Oh hello, remember me? I’m the girl who sometimes blogs around here but not really because I’m kind of on a social media fast.  Not really banning it just not really into it right now.  I check in on Facebook because, well, I get bored. But I haven’t been around much. And that’s ok.  But mostly because I haven’t really had much of anything to say. So why say anything at all, huh?  Pretty boring, this girl.


I finally finished reading the Steve Jobs’ biography. I’m entranced. Such and amazing book and such an amazing man. The way he revolutionized computers and personal computing devices. iDevices. He made that stuff happen.  He didn’t invent it all, but he pushed the people that made it happen.  He wasn’t a nice guy, but wow.  What a genius.  Needless to say, I was an Apple girl before, but now I’m for sure never, ever going back.  And also I want to go to the Apple Store in Cupertino, California.

Also as a side note, John Mayer is discussed in the book. He’s one of the only people Steve (we’re on a first name basis) talks about EVER that is not actually relevant to the development of his devices and it was freaking awesome. He’s in the index even. Yes, I’m a nerd, I looked. JOHN MAYER. 

Now I’m back to big kid books and I’m reading Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in New China.


The summer is almost over.  And vacation is still not planned. HA!  Procrastinators much?  Add in the fact that the week we want to travel is turning into the busiest week ever and this is not turning into a good combination. Perhaps maybe a mini vacation plus a long weekend later in the fall when we’re all off.


Can I just say that despite the fact that this is probably one of the most mild summers in YEARS, including the year when we brought Allie home and we moved into our house and it was about 110 degrees everyday for like all summer, I’m still ready FALL.  For October. November.

Football.  Cool weather. Long sleeves.  SCARVES (I blame my love for scarves on Heather). Jeans without sweating (I wear jeans year round so this would be awesome). The smell of wood burning in a fireplace in the cold night air while out on a chilly evening run.


Back to school is in full effect. Ava has found out who her teacher is and we’ve already gotten back to school supplies. (Holy moly, the older you get the more expensive your school supplies get.) She’s like me, I LOVE pens and papers and all that stuff.

I wish I could go back to school. I think I would go back and work harder than I did. But then again, that’s all retrospect. It would be neat to get another degree.  Although no clue in what.  It would be awesome to go to medical school. But there’s the itty bitty problem of math. Which is not so very fun.



Oh, and by the way, my awesome friend Deb featured me on her blog.  Even though I’m in a black hole of barely blogging.  I think she’s awesome and such a no nonsense, non-censored blogger.  And not just because she featured me.  If you wanna read where I lay it all out, here’s the link.


3 thoughts on “Oh hi! It’s me.

  1. You are amazing! AND… I miss you! Love reading your world. I’ve albeit vanished in the blog world but am contemplating a return… ????

  2. Hey, we’ll take you however we can get you — yay for a post!

    Something tells me that my plan of “go crazy at the dollar store” for school shopping isn’t going to fly after the 2nd grade. We’ll see, though 😉

    I’m ready for cool — but, well, you’re way south of me. It’s been obnoxiously mild this summer where I am . . . we went to the pool yesterday & left relatively early not because anyone really wanted to go, but we were all just cold (fortunately, my “no sitting around the house” plan actually worked & we spent the afternoon at a park), but with as mild as it’s been (and I wouldn’t mind “true hot” for just a little bit), last winter was so brutal that I’m afraid to say that I want “cooler”.

    I’m planning a weekend trip to NJ to visit my family in a few weeks, and then possibly camping over Labor Day weekend. Then it’s back to the grind, where I’ll only head out of town for a weekend if I either have the Sunday off from organist duties or if I’ve taken it off to run a race (two half marathons & one full over the next three months)

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