In summmmmmerr

One of my most favorite things going up was going on vacation with my parents. No matter what, we always went somewhere.  Looking back, as a parent myself, I realize now what a sacrifice that must have been for them.  The money, the time, the crazy kids.  THANKS DAD.

Growing up my parents always took us to places where we went exploring and seeing new things.  We went to museums.  We explored caverns. WE WENT TO DISNEY WORLD AND DISNEYLAND OMG I blame them for my obsession.

Ava’s been asking to go on vacation.  She’s at a summer school camp and slowly all of her friends have been coming and going. Slowly but surely one by one they’ve been sneaking off to vacation. All but her.  #firstworldproblems

We’re working on a plan, but living in a state the size of Texas (it would probably take as much time to get from El Paso to California as it does to get from El Paso to the tip eastern tip of Texas) it takes forever to get places. This is not so conducive to road trips less than 5 hours.

There are quite a few options, but narrowing them down is hard.  

We’re not really sit at the pool and sip drinks kind of folks. I never have been.  Maybe for quick weekends, but we’d like to get away for a few days. Hopefully. Plans and actualities are always two different things.

Plus, taking Allie out can be a wee bit… like wrangling a cat… she’s got “spunk” that one.  She just doesn’t like staying in one place. Like mom.

Back to vacay, I did learn that I love the beach. I swore I wasn’t a beach person. The idea of sitting and watching water sounded like such a waste of time. (yes, I never slow down. Ever.)  Until we went. The waves.  The smells.  Awesome. (Texas beaches –without seaweed– don’t stink).  Running on the beach. Picking up shells. Playing  in the sand.  Love it.

Unfortunately, the beaches around here are kinda yuck right now. Did you know there’s a massive seaweed infestation attacking the local beaches? Gross. You can even see it from space.  Boo.

Anyway, it’s not about the specific place for her.  Or for us. It’s about the memories of being together and going out and doing things. It may be a day trip excursion or a weekend getaway that’s a 3 hour drive from home, but I know it’ll be fun because we’ll be together. It’ll be a new adventure.

I want Ava (and Allie even though she’s 3 because I KNOW she remembers her first trip to Disney) to look back and remember the trips taken with mom and dad.  I want them to get older and smile when they think about their trip to [fill in the blank] in the summer of 2014.

So yeah. That’s what I’m working on.

Happy summer.


11 thoughts on “In summmmmmerr

  1. I have fond memories of Padre! Get a mifi for the trip (internet!!) and do the drive!! You can do it! Ok, maybe not Padre …

    Texas is just too big a state!!

    • Yup. That’s how long it takes to get to El Paso! We would so it but not for a short vacay. I do wanna go down there. I hear it’s beautiful! We need to put VA on the list first 🙂

  2. You know, Hershey PA is quite affordable. And while it might not be the best for one’s diet, there’s a guy who would put you two up for a week or so . . .

    I just got back from the beach, and it was WONDERFUL . . . but, seaweed was scarce – can’t imagine what a “seaweed infestation” is.

    That said, if I didn’t have the super-affordable vacation (that we were barely able to afford) at my disposal, I’d string together a series of day trips – something tells me that Ava just wants time away from the routine with her favorite person.

    • Houston was awesome. I’ll definitely talk more about it soon. My cousin was telling me about the seaweed and said it was the most awful smell. Glad we avoided that one.

      I like offer of Hershey! My kids would pretty much not want to eat anything but candy for the duration of our trip, though…

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