My Favorite Summer Things

Hi friends. Here I am!  It’s almost July. Crazy huh? Just another week and a half. Three day weekend!!! Anyway here are some of my favorite summer things that I’m loving right now.


To check out Addye’s work in her Etsy shop, click the pic.

1) A BEAUTIFUL print that I got from my beautifully talented friend A’Driane.  She creates the amazing paintings and has turned them into prints.  I got this beauty for $20. Best part?  Her proceeds were going to benefit Postpartum Progress (a life saving resource-really- for women with postpartum mental health issues). I told you about them, remember?  PS It’s still not too late to donate.  Just click here.

Postpartum Progress was aiming to raise $100,000 by June 21.  It’s June 23 and they’ve raised over $150,000!!! And they’re not stopping there. You can still donate through June 30 to their campaign to help raise awareness for women’s mental health issues.

20140620-235548-86148646 (1)

2) I am loving my new iPhone wallpaper. I like to be colorful because it makes me smile so I’m going patriotic for the Fourth.  I get mine off of Pinterest (that’s the link to my iPhone wallpaper board).

3) I got free coffee from my favorite people at Seattle’s Best!  They’re promoting their new Seattle’s Best Frozen Coffee Blends, which is awesome for a girl who lives in a Seattle’s Coffee deprived city. Seriously, when are we getting one?  Anyway, you can try it too with their $1 off#FREEZETHEDAY coupon from Facebook.  How cute are those straws? I love cool straws and insulated cups.

Oh, and this is how you do a Texas wedding:

1) Lots of color.  Teal and orange were the colors du jour.  This pic is of me and my twinsie Shelby. We were both wearing it.  She’s a teenager and I’m not. Is that a bad thing?  Oh well, this is still my signature nail color and I pretty much wear it all the time. It’s Flower brand and you can buy it at Walmart. For cheap.
2) Beautiful tasteful flowers in mason jars to really showcase an amazing event at a rustic venue.
3) BARBECUE brisket and sausage with lots of delicious sides. CORN CASSSSSSSSSEROLE (that’s the big yellow lump. Can you tell that’s my favorite?). Don’t forget the mini-margaraita (in a mason jar). Nom.


What are you loving? 

BTW, No one paid me to talk about any of this stuff. I just like stuff. And I like to talk.  And I have opinions. So there you go, meant to be.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Summer Things

  1. 1. Pretty!
    2. Look at you all on top of the holidays!
    3. Seattle’s Best rocks.

    Teal is so pretty! I bought mint polish bc of you but I don’t remember if I ever used it.

  2. I’ve never had Seattle’s Best coffee . . . I live in a land that is dominated with Starbucks & Dunkin’ Donuts & convenience store coffee (and the occasional “mom & pop”) . . . every time one of the biggies tries to break in, they’re not successful. I’ll look out for Seattle’s Best if I ever find one 🙂

    That wedding looks beautiful & yummy.

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