What I’m Listening To – New Music

If you know me, you know music is one of my favorite releases, especially when running.  I like all types of music but here’s a few of what I’m listening to now.

Platinum — Miranda Lambert.  You know I love Miranda. I wish I could see her again in concert. She’s awesome. One of my favorites is “Smokin and Drinkin,” awesome song.  “Automatic” is on this album, but if you listen to country at all, you’ve probably heard it 45 billion times.

download (1)The Outsiders — Eric Church.  Gotta admit, I didn’t use to love Eric Church. He was a bit nasally and well, maybe redneck sounding?  I don’t know. Either way, his new song “Give Me Back My Hometown” is super catchy and awesome.  And of course there’s “Outsiders” which is one of my favorite running songs. I haven’t bought the whole album, but I’m sure a couple more singles will come out of it.

Mutineers — David Gray**.  I really dig “Back in the World”. It’s super mellow and very slow and very singer/songwriter-ish. I like that, but it wasn’t my favorite. Right now I’m into more upbeat since I’m gearing up for running season and it helps at work.  Some of it wasn’t really my style, but it was nice to preview new music. FYI you can preorder from iTunes or Amazon.



John Mayer XO

Corazon — Santana. I’m also digging this.  I haven’t downloaded yet, but it’s super upbeat and awesome. Classic Santana but lots of great artists featured.  One of my favorites is Juanes, who I love anyway and saw in concert.  Great concert, by the way. Santana is an amazing guitar player (duh) and that’s one of my favorite things about music. He’s got a couple chill songs on there too.  Awesome. Try it.

XO (Single)  — John Mayer. NEW MUSIC FROM JOHN MAYER!! Yes, I’m screaming because you know me and John Mayer. Love. It’s a cover of Beyonce’s song, which I have yet to hear because, well, I don’t love Beyonce (sorry friends).

** I was given a free preview of this album from the One2One network. I didn’t get anything in return and I don’t even have to write this review. All thoughts are my own and that’s how I really felt about the album. Obviously.

For your listening and viewing pleasure, here’s John Mayer’s performance of XO.



One thought on “What I’m Listening To – New Music

  1. I’m so behind the times . . . when I’m in the car, I’m listening to NPR News or an audiobook. The only time I’m exposed to “new” music is when I go to the gym (I’m stopped so many times about the crazy workout I do that I’ve stopped wearing headphones – I find that I finish things up more quickly this way), and, even then, I barely notice what might be playing.

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