The Summer Bucket List – Austin, TX

summer bucket list ideas


Summer’s coming fast and in Texas, that means it’s hot. And also that the big girl is out of school and will need stuff to do because “oh my gosh I’m so borrrrrrrrreed.”  Yeah right.

I recently read a blog where Jess posted a great bucket list of ideas.

So in anticipation of the next nearly 3 months, I figured I’d come up with a summer bucket list of stuff to do here in Austin.  Here’s hoping we can actually get some done!

Don’t worry, there are lots of no cost options on there. Creativity is the limit!



  1. Go to the pool, even on a random Tuesday after work
  2. Go to the movies as a family
  3. Go to the zoo
  4. Go bowling
  5. Go on a picnic
  6. Go to the Inner Space Caverns
  7. Go to the farmers’ market
  8. Go on a weekend trip
  9. See a live concert with the kids (hello Live Music Capital!)
  10. Go to Chuck E Cheese
  11. Visit the Thinkery (new children’s museum)
  12. Enjoy snow cones from the local food trailer
  13. Visit the library regularly
  14. Read a biography
  15. Read a nonfiction book
  16. Read a book about a place to visit
  17. Enjoy time outside reading in the shade
  18. See the bats fly downtown Austin
  19. Camp in the backyard
  20. Go hiking at a state park
  21. Go to a Round Rock Express baseball game
  22. Have a late night popsicle party outside
  23. Day trip to College Station (explore Texas A&M, visit George H.W. Bush Library)
  24. Day trip to San Antonio (explore Riverwalk, missions)
  25. SEA WORLD San Antonio
  26. Have movie night at home with the kids
  27. Bake cookies
  28. Watch fireworks on 4th of July
  29. Have a water balloon fight
  30. Host a sleepover with a friend
  31. Date with dad
  32. Date with mom
  33. Play in the rain
  34. Learn to rainbow loom
  35. Ice cream sundae party
  36. Visit Ladybird Wildflower Center
  37. Stargaze
  38. Paint a canvas
  39. Play mini golf
  40. Explore nature with a camera and a notebook

What’s on your bucket list? Gimme some ideas! If you have one, share your post in the comments!


6 thoughts on “The Summer Bucket List – Austin, TX

  1. We’re getting passes for the community pool where we live tonight . . . on my list, this summer, is to head to the pool with the kid and, get this, read an actual, physical book.

    We’ll also hike along the Appalachian Trial (helps with planning when it winds through your town), camp a couple of times, head bowling at least twice, and visit CJ’s birthplace (doesn’t hurt that there’s an excellent brewery within hailing distance)

    • BOWLING! I forgot about that. I’ve been meaning to go because Ava swears she loves it. I’m adding that to the list.Duh. It’s on my list. HA

      Does CJ fully understand everything? La?

      • CJ & Leila kind-of understand the concept. They’re more excited about using “the dragon” to launch the ball, and they don’t understand the way you get two turns at a time, except if you knock all the pins down. We haven’t even started the talk about scoring 🙂

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