Laugh Hard

photoThis weekend was Ava and Allie’s dance recitals.  After a year of back and forth to dance class, the girls rocked their dances and looked amazingly cute to boot.

After, we were lucky enough to have a great friend join us for Ava’s celebratory dinner.  We started talking about our crazy Allie.

Because she likes to bite her nails.

So one day I was about to get after her for biting her TOEnails, only to realize she actually wasn’t biting her nails.

She was eating a cookie.

With her toes.

Clearly, my child is a monkey.

As he’s telling the story, I’m laughing.  True, deep down laughing because hearing it out loud made it even more funny than when it was happening.

The awesome thing? Being called out on it by a friend who hadn’t seen me in a while.  She was happy to see me truly laughing deep down in me.  It was great seeing her do the same. We both knew what it meant for the other.

The thing about depression is you live life, but when it’s bad sometimes you go through the motions while you’re doing it.  You love the people and the things that are around you, but you sometimes it’s easy to feel like a spectator.

It feels really good being in the moment.

Laugh hard.


Don’t forget that May is Maternal Mental Health month.  I had PPD. I fought PPD.  And I’m a mom who still fights on. Reach out to those mamas around you that you know who might need an extra hand. There’s no shame in it.


3 thoughts on “Laugh Hard

    • thanks dude. It really was a great one. Especially the fact we got the free day and napped Memorial Day away with the storms in the background!

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