The trouble with Running

20140518-134601-49561987.jpgSo this weekend was much better. I’ve actually started using My Fitness Pal and WHOA. Slap in the face. That is a hard reality seeing just how much every bite makes a difference! I’ve been working hard on not eating to eat. I realized my witching hour is the evening when my kids go to bed.

Even just after a couple days I’m feeling less piggy with my binging. As for the energy, not feeling it yet. Eventually I’d like to cut back on the carbs (my happy place) because maybe it’ll help. I read so much about sugar and gluten that I wonder if that really matters.

Already I’m feeling the healthier choices and picked up some more goodies at the grocery store. Strawberries, cucumbers and this:

I have no clue what it tastes like, but I figure my Heather wouldn’t steer me wrong. With dill and cucumber, I’m assuming it tastes like a pickle. Or chicken salad.

I went running. Twice this weekend. It sucked. For someone who ran a marathon in January, it’s pretty sobering when finishing 2.5 miles takes effort.

I’m thankful for my friends on Twitter who encouraged me to go.

Running any miles is better than no miles, right? That was my mantra as I ran this morning.

At least I was pushing a kid. Run Keeper needs a setting to add kids and strollers so you can get credit for pushing them so you can get that extra calorie credit. Keeping it real. Only minor filtering.
So yeah. There’s my update and I’m pretty proud of it. Baby steps.

Random tidbit for the day: when you take you’re 8 1/2 year old to a birthday party at a skating rink, the place you spent half your senior year, you feel old. Real old.

No, I didn’t drop her off because that’s how we roll at places like this.

No, I didn’t even want cookie cake (my kryptonite). No, I didn’t skate; yes I’m writing this in a corner on my iPad. Thank goodness for technology. That’s what happens when your kid kicks you off the skating rink. You sit in a corner and wonder how she got so big.


6 thoughts on “The trouble with Running

  1. Running/moving is better than not. Be gentle with yourself.

    And it tastes like Tzatziki! No other way to explain it. (Also, if you coat chicken in that and bake it? Best Greek chicken ever.)

  2. Good job on avoiding the sweets at the party! Seriously, that’s a herculean effort (the main thing I have working to my advantage is that I don’t like chocolate, so, if there are chocolate chips, or chocolate frosting, or, you know, the entire thing is chocolate? It’d have more appeal to me if you told me it was made from boogers).

    From my own experience, cutting out sugar (and, to a lesser extent, refined flour) has lead to a reduction in overall appetite. And yeah — logging before/as you eat is brutal, but it keeps you honest, and it does help. My issue, right now, is that I’m not getting enough vegetables in — it’s not that I’m actively avoiding them, but I’m not allowing myself to eat at restaurants often, meaning that I always bring my food, and incorporating vegetables in the crock pot requires a lot more effort than something like pulled pork.

    Having married into a Greek family, I’m a HUGE fan of tzatziki – though I’ve never tried Cedar’s.

    Lastly, yeah, some miles beats no miles. Any day, at any speed.

  3. Seems to me like everyone dips pita chips in things. There’s my only productive thought on food, because you know I would have been all over that cookie cake.

    She’s EIGHT and a HALF? WHAT.

  4. I love what John said, and I’m going to repeat this to myself. A slow run is better than no run. I lost all my running mojo after my first 5k this year. I’m getting back into it as I have more races this summer.

  5. I am proud of you, and yes removing carbs=sugars from your diet does make a difference a HUGE one! This candy loving lady over here gave them up about three months ago, wow, I just realized I am about to hit month four of no sugar/sweets and I am ok with that. Kind of proud of myself actually. They still taunt me though. Little victories. And as for running, it doesn’t matter if you ran a mile in 12 minutes or in 6 minutes you still completed a mile. ❤

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