Camping and My fail at Fitness

Here I am. Not too much going on and not a lot to report.


Wondering how my gung ho attempt at health is going?


Yeah. Fail. I said it.  I’m not going to pretend.  Why?

I can’t stop eating.

I haven’t been running.

I’m not eating well.

Sigh.  I’m trying to get back in the zone.  The BCS Marathon is really calling my name this December. And I’ve got a half I’m signed up for in August. Clearly, running 2 miles isn’t going to cut it for either of those races.

So that’s my new motto. I saw it in my friend’s awesome office and had to take a pic. He probably thought I was a goof. But that’s why we’re friends. Right?  Anyway, bit by bit, day by day, baby step at a time–get better at everything.


What else….oh yeah, I went camping. Yup. Me.

I went camping and no snakes or pumas ate me. Yes, both of those were on the grounds where we camped at. I saw about 40,000 daddy long leg spiders and didn’t freak even though they were in the bathroom stalls all around me–at least there were stalls. Phew.  I don’t do peeing in the woods and I have to have someplace to wash my hands for my contacts.  This wasn’t exactly roughing it (there was also electricity at our site) but I’m not exactly Annie Oakley.

photo (5)

I did see some really pretty stuff in nature, like this cactus with gorgeous flowers growing on it.   But lemme tell you, an (almost) 3 year old and cactus are a terrifying combination.  Especially when the 3 year old has no idea about the wrath the cactus will bring down. Mostly the terrifying was for me as I tried to chase her away from the cactus.

Then there was the tent.  The first night, my bed popped and it was 50 degrees. IN TEXAS.  IN MAY. Seriously, unheard of.  It’s better than 99*F (temp the last time I went camping), but goodness.  The next night was much better but windy.  Wind freaks me out because it’s creepy.  Add in the fact that there were probably tons of animals cruising by scratching on our tent and it’s doubly creepy.

I seriously wanted to punch the tent wall so they’d go away. But then they probably would have grabbed my hand and eaten me, so I opted against it.  Luckily I lived so here I am.

I did have some zen while being one with mama earth (how hippy of me).  There were little lakes that you could wade in. In typical Jess fashion, I just stayed on the shore picking up shells. Only the most perfect and non chipped ones.  I was hoping to get enough to fill a glass jar for my desk, but I ran out of time and energy and eventually just sat around. It was lovely.  No phone and all.  Since I didn’t have service and I didn’t want to lose my phone in the middle of nothing, I didn’t carry it around much so I didn’t take many pictures. Not even one selfie.  The blogger horror!

Either way, Mother’s Day (did I mention it was MD weekend?) was a lovely weekend camping with the kiddos, husband and friends. So I wouldn’t call THAT a fail.


10 thoughts on “Camping and My fail at Fitness

  1. You couldn’t pay me to camp. COULD NOT PAY ME. But, on the health front I am big believer that small changes over time make the biggest difference. Hang in there… some days/weeks/months are better than others. You got this!

    • Kristi, tell me about it. Seriously.

      You’re right! This has been a very bad week and I’ve pretty much felt like screw it, this is what it is. But I can’t get stuck here. Day by day!

  2. I thought you weren’t supposed to be running anyway? Because of your foot?

    You know I was in my camper on Mother’s Day. But we don’t exactly rough it either. It’s just nice to have a place to go that’s not my house… plus campfires are the bomb.

    • as of May 1, it was ON. Except I ran twice. Or three times. After all my big talk.

      Also? I would have run my ass to get your camper.

  3. We didn’t get to go camping last year and I’m still mad about it. LOL

    A MARATHON IN DECEMBER IS WHAT I NEED. But, like, in a cold place.

  4. I love camping — seriously, I have one free weekend between now & September, so I’m thinking about packing up the family & heading someplace awesome. The last time I camped, it was in Maryland over Memorial Day Weekend. Temperatures actually were south of freezing — it was BRUTAL. Our cooking oil actually congealed (had to start a fire, brew coffee in the percolator and stick the cooking oil next to it to let it thaw so that I we could make potato stuffs.

    My next marathon is in November. I haven’t been running at ALL . . . I’m really, really hoping that the weight training I’m doing is going to be enough, but I’ll start getting out on the road, regularly, shortly.

  5. Jess, do not beat yourself up. Baby steps, my friend. I am still fighting the temptation to eat junk food. My consequence is that I feel like crap when I do. It just starts with that first step. You have got this!

  6. I LOVE camping! If you are ever up for it again, we go regularly in the summer, in fact going this weekend! Although I refer to it as camping lite, because technically it is at Mike’s lake house 😉

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