Dear Disney World

I miss you. So much.  I can’t wait till I see you again. Maybe for Ava’s 10th birthday we’ll meet you there.  Maybe for the Dopey Challenge. Or maybe for a super long week so we can hit up everything and anything. And eat a turkey leg.  And a churro. YUMMM. Mickey, I’ll be there.

Elsa? Anna? Okay, byeeeeeee.


disney world is awesome


3 thoughts on “Dear Disney World

  1. Next year’s Dopey Challenge is filled up . . . as are all of the individual races. The only open event for Marathon Weekend? The Goofy Challenge.

    Just thought I’d share 😉

    I find myself budgeting what I can for the next Disney adventure. I’m actually thinking of driving down and then camping on Disney grounds — if I take off Friday, stay overnight along the way, I’d check in on Saturday. Sunday for the Magic Kingdom. Monday for Hollywood Studios. Tuesday for Animal Kingdom. Wednesday for Harry Potter World (because, after all, I’ll have my vehicle with me). Thursday for the Magic Kingdom once again. Friday for whatever suits us. Pack up Saturday. Back on Sunday. Back to the real world on Monday.

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