So I’m four days in and I’d like to say I’m a rock star at progress.

So far, I’ve started drinking way more water, no cokes despite desperately wanting one today.

I ran on Thursday and Saturday. I had my first lunch time run at work and it was awesome.  BUT– I’m out of shape. For sure. And that’s ok because I didn’t expect to be ready to run a 5k in under 30 minutes. But I’ll get back into it.  I missed it so much.  I’m taking it easy. It may be 2 miles, but it’s 2 miles I didn’t run the last few months.

The biggest thing is that I stocked up on healthy groceries so I can at least snack smart. Yes, I know there’s crap in there, but that’s the kids’ granola bars.  I’ve stopped eating flour tortillas. I’ve gotten good stuff to snack on like veggies.


Breakfast.  Yes, I can’t get away from my tacos, but here’s my alternative: corn tortillas, avocado and some spicy chicken.  Snack?  Carrots and hummus.  Apparently everyone thinks that’s gross but I’m still learning.


I’ve downloaded My Fitness Pal to start logging my food. It’s not fun. Seeing what you’re eating and how much you go over your daily is like a slap in the face. Yikes.  But it’s made me more conscious.  I think my biggest problem is that I eat.  And don’t stop once I start snacking–another thing I’m trying to work on.

Maybe as I see how much I suck at staying close to a goal, I’ll get better about sticking to it. I’ve also realized when I’m home and close to food I eat like a pig.

So that’s me and that’s how I’m doing so far.  How are you doing?


8 thoughts on “Progress.

  1. Good work sista! It’s all in the choices!

    I drink a big old glass of green drink (can’t remember the brand) in the morning and it totally helps my morning go by without stuffing my face.

    You’ll get there!!

  2. Jess, you are rocking this! I love carrots and hummus. I also do pita chips and hummus. You’ve picked a healthy option for the breakfast tacos. I love it! I’m getting there. Still need to get back into running more consistently.

    • Thanks! I’m really trying. Pita chips are definitely delicious. I’m trying to be good and avocado tastes delicious on everything!

      I’ve been a total fail this week so I have had nothing to report on FB 😦

  3. You know, thinking about progress is progress, in a way 🙂

    For me, I’ve found that I had to cut out snacking entirely. I know there are some in the camp that you “need to eat eleventy billion small meals in a day,” but that never worked for me. If I snack, it’s a pleasurable moment, but I’m equally as capable of downing a huge meal immediately afterward whether or not I snack. So I don’t snack. I make myself eat breakfast (that crazy coffee concoction I make, and now that I’m maintaining, some homemade yogurt with honey). I make and pack lunches, for the week, over the weekend so I know precisely what I’m eating.

    Another trick that’s worked for me? Before eating anything, log it in MFP. Sometimes, I’ll have a piece of cake – but I make sure I’m entirely conscious of what I’m putting in my body before I do it . . . I’ve been logging every bite of every meal (sometimes, if I’ve been drinking heavily, things get wonky toward the end of the night, though) for almost a year and a half now.

    What’s your username on MFP? I’m johnbatzer.

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