I Mean Business. Let’s Get Healthy.

I’m a broken record about the fact I can’t run and that I’ve gained about 15 pounds since November.

I’m done. Complaining isn’t making me fit into my clothes for work. I’m inspired by @jennfititcouture and @lacedupwithlipstick daily on Instagram. I need to stop saying WOW that’s awesome, and start doing it myself.

I mean business.  I want to be HEALTHY. It’s May 1 and it’s a new month.  Well, my goal is to lose at least 3 pounds this month. So how am I doing it?

  • No more sodas.  Thanks work mom & Shan for the inspiration. Such a waste of calories and health.
  • More water.
  • More vegetables. This means I’m having more salads and a veggie or two with every dinner.  And no, I don’t always have veggies, and yes, I do know that’s horrible.
  • Only eat when I’m hungry.  Duh, right? But I’m a boredom eater and I need to listen to the cues and not just eat to eat.
  • I’m taking the stairs more. I work on the 11th floor. I think I’ll see results.  My goal: not be incredibly winded by the time I get upstairs.
  • I’m off hiatus.  I’m going to start trying to take the small one out in the stroller nightly. Maybe this will also help her zen out and get to bed easier.  It’s bright out till like 10:00 (exaggeration) so I’ve got plenty of time.
  • Start yoga and weight training.
  • Weekend runs.  At least 6 miles over the weekend. Not all in one day, but this forces me to run Friday-Sunday.
  • No more eggs and junk like waffles for breakfast.  I love eating in the cafeteria. I also spend like $5 which means I’m eating a ton of food. Because it’s delicious. No more.  Eggs are good but not tacos and biscuits and all. It’s fruit and nut oatmeal for breakfast all the way.  And it’s better for the heart.
  • Eat out less, cook more. More roasted chicken and tuna.
  • Get training.  Goal: Austin Marathon, February 2015.  Questionable goal: BCS Marathon, December 2014.

You in?  Let’s do this.  See me in a month and I’ll let you know how it’s going.

source: AZfoothills.com

source: AZfoothills.com


8 thoughts on “I Mean Business. Let’s Get Healthy.

  1. Love the attitude, Jess! And great advice, all of it!

    Thanks, mostly, to financial considerations, I’ve actually been making myself bring in lunches and cook dinner more often — but I’ve dropped about 12 pounds since I started the practice, and I’m still riding a wave of extra energy.

    My pillars are: extremely limit processed food intake (I’ve started making stuff like cheese and mayo and bread, just because I like being doubly-sure of what I’m putting into my body), limit sugar intake, maximize protein intake, and lift heavy. I run, when I can, but it’s not as high a priority as lifting (mind you, my lifting, these days, are pull-ups, and one-legged squats, and dips) — I do it more for my head than for my body.

    Check in when you can – can’t wait to track your progress.

    • That’s half the reason I need to start bringing lunch and breakfast. It’s a total waste of money and also calories when I buy lunch. It’s always way worse than what I could’ve brought.


  2. Also? I’m trying to recruit runners into running the Hershey Half Marathon on October 19 . . . I can offer you a place to stay on the 18th, if you wanted to come up for it. There will be plenty of the Twitter running….

    • I’ll be sure to track you on RunKeeper. Or if they have live track for the half! Wish I could head down there. Trying to somehow work out doing a full in December and a half in August. The half was only $13.50 and I still get a medal. SCORE!

  3. I love this. I have actually not talked about it a lot but after our kitchen reno we are making big changes. I can’t give up pop or coffee but I am trying hard to cut out the junk and make exercise a big priority for me. Good luck!

    • I remember when we renoed the kitchen when I was younger. Holy cow is that hard. You can only microwave so many meals. Leaving coke has been SO hard. And I need the caffeine so sometimes I have tea or coffee. Mama is exhausted!

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