The Practical Easter Bunny

Don’t worry, my kid doesn’t read my blog. I hope your kid doesn’t read my blog either.  Kids, if you’re reading, sign off now!


Easter BunnyI went shopping this week.  One of the things I loved most about holidays (besides my Christmas stocking) were my Valentine’s and Easter goodies.  I want to keep that going because I’m not sure how long I have left with Easter Bunny and Ava. I’m scared this is my last year. Some jerk will probably ruin it and my carefree little girl will probably find out that they’re not real.  Till then, I won’t think about that.

I went Easter shopping this week at the grocery store (ours is awesome and has a great book selection). Do you know how hard that is when you have a nosy almost 3 year old in the cart? Kind of hard.  Good thing I’m a ninja and she can’t see what’s under her seat in the cart.  Target filled the bill for the rest of the goodies, but I went the practical route because that’s how I roll.

What’s in our baskets this year?  Not a bunch of plastic trinket crap.

  • sunglasses (both are interested now and I’d like them to stop stealing mine)
  • flashlights (we’re going camping next month–that’s a whole other story)
  • toothbrushes
  • Build a Bear stuffies
  • a little candy
  • Coloring books
  • books
  • Flip flops for Ava, a shirt for Allie

That’s it! Easter isn’t about all the junk so we’ll be doing egg hunts and then going to church.  Ava is making her first communion this year so she should at least know what Easter is all about.

We’ll be dying eggs this weekend only because I want eggs. We don’t actually hide them because the horror of leaving one around the house would be disgusting.

What’s in your basket?


5 thoughts on “The Practical Easter Bunny

  1. I love giving “outdoor activity” themed gifts. Like replenishing the sidewalk chalk so he can make is “streets” for his dinky cars, bubbles, shovels (yes, he is allowed to dig in our yard. The fucking dog does)…mini sticks. Spring is great to get them out of the house 🙂
    I like that you’re a shopping ninja.
    PS. Our house smells like a giant fart because of the eggs…but they are delicious xoxo

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