The Hangover.

photo (3)During law school I had a migraine/chronic headache for 6 months straight.  Not a dull little headache that a single advil dose can help you with. A writhing in pain, try all of the meds, try to get into a headache study and get rejected because there’s no break in your headache, get a headache treatment in the hospital for a week but it still doesn’t work kind of headache.

Yeah, I think that’s when my pain tolerance became Superman level.

How I functioned, I have no idea. All I know is I finished that summer’s law school class, managed to get through the FUNNEST classes that fall ::sarcasm font:: and went on my way.

I don’t really get migraines that often, but it’s the perfect storm right now. Allergies, massive weather change and humidity has made me ripe and overdue for a migraine.

Oh hello, old nemesis. Not so nice to see you again.  The thing about migraines is they’re the gift that keeps on giving.  First you get the lovely head bursting pain. Then I get the restlessness that keeps me from being able to sleep.  And then of course there’s the hangover headache that comes the next day.  Oh, thanks for that!

I read something the other day  about a family who went without added sugars for a year.  Do you know how much sugar is added to stuff? A lot. Everything. Why? I don’t know. The article said shelf life and I wouldn’t doubt it.

I’ve given up sweets for Lent and it’s almost over. I can’t tell you how bad I’ve needed a comfort piece of pie or cake. Yes I can, like the flowers need rain in the drought covered Texas sun. I don’t think it’s made a difference and I’m still exhausted. Then again, I love carbs so I doubt I’m sugar free or even close. I know I’ll have a sugar hangover, but goodness, it’ll be worth it. Sweet sweet carbs!

I’m not sure. I know I want to clean up how I eat, but it’s so incredibly hard. Especially with a picky household and always being on the go.  I found this great picture on Pinterest (sorry I have no specific link other than  It seems not so hard!

If you’ve got suggestions to take baby steps to clean eating, I’m open. ONE MONTH TILL RUNNING!!! Protein is a necessity and would be a great snack with some veggies. Honestly I think eating sweets again will help. I can quench my need for comfort food (or a snack) with a little something and avoid overcompensating by eating 1,000 other things.

So yeah, headache glasses and storms for the win today.  And breakfast tacos.  And Chinese food for lunch. I like to eat.


3 thoughts on “The Hangover.

  1. And I am sure that you were still adorable with your brains being crushed by a vice 🙂

    I wanted to start clean eating this year until I realized how strict it was. I think that incorporating the things listed and being conscious more about what is going in our mouths is a great start.

  2. It’s not easy and baby steps (to be honest) don’t really work … I think you’ve got to go all in for a truly clean diet experience, otherwise the baby steps are too easy to baby step your ass backwards as quickly as you’re baby stepping forward. That being said, I agree with Kimberly … being conscious about what you’re eating (writing it down for a week or so?) and choosing one area to clean up might be more up your alley.

    Like … my half-ass Paleo way of living includes not depriving myself when we go through the drivethru, but I don’t eat the buns, bread (and yes I look ridiculous eating a 1/4 pounder with a fork) … my dairy intake is limited to when I freshly shred Parmesan, etc. — but then I drink all the wine I want because … because.

    I think clean eaters would argue amongst themselves with what clean eating is, and there’s no real answer. It’s “do what you can without driving yourself crazy or starving your children”

    Hope your headache gets better 😦

  3. I am getting better about clean eating, but I still love my frou frou coffee drinks with all the sugary syrup and whipped cream. It’s like a dessert and caffeine at the same time! I have been more mindful of incorporating veggies and fruit into all of my meals and snacks. Tracking my overall food intake was what helped me clean up my diet.

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