Brain Juice, Allergies & FREE Sample {Giveaway-CLOSED}

Seattle’s Best is awesome and they’re still my favorite people from Blissdom. They sent me a House Blend coffee kit to try with no expectation of anything. They are letting me host this giveaway for y’all just for sharing the fact you can get a free k-cup House Blend sample on Facebook! They rock. Seriously.

Right now, allergies are kicking the collective ass of my household. We have beautiful trees and wildflowers to show for it, but goodness it’s bad. Last night I couldn’t breathe through my nose, had a massive headache, and was dizzy. It was good times!  I fell asleep early and didn’t bother getting up till this morning.  Still miserable, still tired thanks to Allie’s 5:30 wakeup call.  It’s like an eternal fog.

Enter Advil (duh) and coffee (more duh).

Seriously, I don’t know how I’d function without caffeine.  I have a Keurig but I still drink Seattle’s because I have one of those nifty reusable cups to put my grounds in. No waste. HOORAY FOR ME.

So yeah, Seattle’s all the way. We still don’t have one here in Austin so I have to do it myself. ::Psssst, Seattle’s, come to Austin!::

Seattle's Best is the best

Seattle’s has a funny little commercial with a play on Dunkin Donuts (since there are more coffee drinkers who choose Seattle’s).  It made me smile with all the Duncans who like Seattle’s. It doesn’t take much to amuse me.

Anyway, on to the FREE part. Seattle’s Best is giving away House Blend coffee kits to five of you guys, including a bag of House Blend packaged coffee, a House Blend K-Cup sample and a Seattle’s Best Coffee travel mug.  Dudes, seriously, the mug is the best mug EVER. It’s way better than any little mug I’ve ever used. It has a flip top lid!

How do you win? Just comment on what your favorite way to take coffee is. Are you a frozen (Elsaaaaa??? hehe) or iced kinda girl?  Extra hot? Latte only?

I’ll pick 5 winners on 4/2/14, Win it Wednesday (ha! just came up with that…again with the amusing myself thing).

Even if you don’t win one of the awesome packs (and even if you do), you can still go to Seattle’s Facebook page before April 30 and get a free sample! Who doesn’t like free K-cups?


18 thoughts on “Brain Juice, Allergies & FREE Sample {Giveaway-CLOSED}

  1. Oooh, guess what? I just tried Seattle’s Best for the first time ever the other day. And I loved it! I made their frozen coffee using my Nutribullet. I added a dash of peppermint extract to it, too. Soooo good. I still prefer my coffee hot and with flavored creamer, but in the summer I can see myself doing the frozen minty thing all the time! Hope I win!!

    • I really want a nutribullet to try that. I read a recipe for adding coffee and frozen bananas and it sounded delicious!

      YAY! You won!

  2. Hey, you know my favorite way to take coffee! CAFFEINATED. Yep, I will drink just about anything that’s coffee-flavored.

    • I love milk and sugar! I also love Seattle’s. I only drink that or Starbucks. I really hope they open one here soon. The good thing is that the iced coffee at Burger King is Seattle’s! So good!

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