oh hi, friend!

I haven’t been in the writing mode lately.  I’m still really not, truth be told, but I wish I was. I’m not sure what I have to say or what I want to say but I want to say hi!  —that was a lot of words about nothing—

Today is a day for bullets because there’s lots of random but no other way to share it.

oh hello, spring daisy!

it’s amazing the stuff you can find sitting outside, even at Walmart

  • Spring is finally here and it’s going to be 93 degrees today in Texas. There’s a full sky of sun for my friend’s beautiful outdoor wedding (HI LINDSAY!!!), and man am I ready for a dressed up date night!  I’ll have to remember to get pics; usually escaping the house is half the battle but the girls love the sitter so much, they’re pretty much kicking us out of the house.
  • Speaking of spring, or any time in the whole universe in Austin, allergies are here! We don’t only have beautiful trees and wildflowers, but we also have the devil of all allergies. I. am. dying. But my new best friend is Advil Cold & Sinus. I seriously wanted to jump up and hug my friend Lisa’s face for giving me her box. I couldn’t even breathe through my nose, literally, at all before I took it.  BUY IT. LOVE IT. Don’t waste your time on Claritin and Zyrtec.  (no one paid me to say this. seriously, just whoa)
  • So I had foot surgery…I never mentioned that did I?  It wasn’t a big deal. Just a little bunionectomy (seriously, it was not bad AT ALL and I’d totally do it again) because after my marathon, whoa dude. That bad boy hurt and I could barely run a half mile.  It hurt more than the actual surgery itself. When something gets in the way of running, that’s when I call in the big guns.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Tracker - Violet (FB401VT)

The surgery itself wasn’t a big deal and the recovery was really easy. I slept for a couple days then in usual Jess style, you can’t hold me down and I hobbled around the house because I got tired of sleeping.  I was driving within a few days. Other than that,  I have a hard time finding decent shoes that fit because my foot is still pretty swollen. Thank goodness for floppy flips.  Hopefully the swelling goes down soon because the scar doesn’t bother me but the fat foot is a little uncomfortable.I’m glad I did it but the worst part of all is that now I can’t run till May 12 (not that anyone is counting).  I CAN’T RUN!!!!! I’m dying! I’m tired of watching everyone go run around Austin when I can’t. ::tantrum over::

Needless to say, I’ve gained weight (a lot) and I’m still eating like I run.

I’ve heard great things about FitBit and Nike Fuel and all those other bands, so needless to say, I really want one.  So far I’m leaning toward the FitBit Flex, this one in particular.  It tracks the number of steps you take in a day, your goal should be 10,000!!! It tracks your sleep and apparently somehow your calories.  All of that translates into an app on your phone and you can watch it  and compete with your friends and wordswordswords, I want one.

If you have feedback on the Nike band or any other of the trendy little things, let me know. I really hope to get one soon.  Either way, I’m counting down to training for the next big race. Once that marathon bug bites you, you’re done.

  • We’re gearing up for summer by looking into gymnastics classes. As if being a “dance mom” (SO NOT A DANCE MOM) wasn’t enough. But it’s important to keep the girls physically moving and it’s just 189 degrees in Texas in the summer so playing outside isn’t really an option, and neither is frying in the pool all summer long.
  • I’m trying to start reading blogs again. It takes time and I’m lazy and don’t comment a lot, but I like to read them. I feel like I’ve lost touch with my people!  That’s the funny thing about the blog world. I miss that but don’t miss anything about Facebook, even though I haven’t been on there in weeks.

So yeah, it’s Friday! It’s date night. And we’re about to start April, which means I’m only a month and a half away from running again. HOORAY!

What’ve you been up to while I’ve been in my hole? Update me!


3 thoughts on “oh hi, friend!

  1. We’re sharing a brain. It’s been weeks since I last blogged. I miss it and I have words in my head, but I haven’t had the time to tell them. I am, though, reading blogs and trying to comment more. I also kinda want a FitBit Flex. I’ve had my eye on them for many months but keep talking myself out of spending the money and logging even more about my life than I already do. But… the drive to motivate myself to move more might win in the end.

  2. 93???? YIKES. I was happy with the 60 degrees we hit here in Chicago yesterday.

    My sister gave me a Nike Fuel and I really like it.

    Sorry to hear about your surgery- good thing you guys are having nice weather so that you can wear flip flops (I have never heard them called floppy flips!).

    • I saw the Nike Fuel. I think that’s one I’m also considering.

      The humidity here is insane. We really need storms because it’s making it so hot!

      HA!!! I probably meant flippy flops. TYPO ALERT. I’m sure I wrote that from my iPad. And yes, thank goodness for flips. Although luckily at the beginning it was cold so I wore my big fake Uggs and that definitely helped too.

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