Pantsless and Thunder Snow

What a weekend. We went to Dallas to help a friend settle into their new house and get our family pictures taken.

As always, there were iPads and dueling Disney movies. There was Tangled and Frozen and Jessie, oh my! Luckily I dig all of those so the 4 hour ride there was tolerable.

Saturday morning was picture day. But first I had to do a driveby of South Fork. The fictional home of Dallas. Yeah, that show is my jam! I’m not a freak. You can actually see it from my friend’s house, so duh. I’m not a stalker or anything. It was on the way.

I stopped to get the breakfast of champions – a dozen donuts- and Allie and I waited in line. Just a good ole morning. And then the beast turned terrible.

She started to pull down her pants in the store.

I don’t want pants!

Um, no. Put them on! Luckily she didn’t take her panties with her. Pretty sure no shoes, no shirt, no service also includes pants. Before you ask, they weren’t circulation cutting skinnies. They were pajama pants. loose ones. Child.

And then there was pictures. Have you ever tried having family pictures taken with a two year old? Get a photographer you love who also has kids because dear Lord your hair will turn gray from one pic to the next.
Luckily Jill is amazing and despite having the Tasmanian devil to work with, she got these great pics.

And then there was the broadway version of the Little Mermaid. But Allie didn’t think it was interesting so I spent half the time going up and down stairs, in and out of the theater. Fun times.
But the icing on the cake was the thunder snow. It happens. It’s real. And not just in Canada. What is it? It’s thunder. While it snows. Did I mention it was 80 just a couple days before? Yeah. Texas.

We spent six and a half HOURS trying to make it home on a drive that should’ve taken 3.5. The roads were horrific and I’m not even sure how many accidents I saw. Anxiety much, anyone? Thankfully we made it safely and the terrible beasts were kept in line and were actually angels.

So yeah. That was my weekend. Keeping me on my toes. No pants and thunder snow.


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