What I’m up to (no makeup pic!)

I promise I’m not always deep or a Debbie Downer. I’m good. Worlds better than I was. So what have I been up to? Well…

* I have a new obsession with nail polish. Namely color. Bright. And brand. Flower at Walmart. Why? I love all things bright which is funny because I used to live in black. Down to my dark nail polish. It’s cheap and I can feed the need while picking up dog food and yard bags. :shudder at people of Walmart:: oh wait… See me on Saturday morning there and I am one.

* my friend Adrian moved to Austin finally and she has become my hairdresser. And Ava’s! Did you know you should only wash your hair like 3 times a week? All that time we made fun of third day hair. Wrooooong. I did it yesterday and it still looked awesome.

* soooooo don’t run screaming. That’s me. Baring it all for you. No makeup. No filter. I hate my skin. It’s a sun touched and acne scarred mess. And also we’re growing up, y’all. Time to take care of the skin. I just started Rodan & Fields treatment line because my best friend sells it and it sounded great. So far so good. The smell didn’t make me want to puke like many heavy duty zit treatments do.

I am going to keep baring my soul (seriously that’s how it feels) for you guys and check in with picture updates weekly. Check her out, btw. Don’t let the cheesy picture of who I’m assuming is Rodan and Fields push you away.

not a sponsored post FYI. Bought all that stuff by myself. And I just love my Heather Feather, so obviously.

* I finally got my bracelet. This is one of the things I wanted but refused to get until after I finished the marathon. It’s perfect. It’s dainty. I have been wearing it everyday with my watch. I bought it from Georgie Designs on Etsy, if you’re looking for handmade jewelry. The packaging alone was impressive, which is why I took pics.

And then from the 80 degrees it was on Sunday, we had this. 40 degrees and blowing rain.

And there was coffee.  Beautiful coffee and beautifully home coffee. Seattle’s Best makes k-cups now!!! I’ll have a post about that I’m sure. NOM.

And, my latest lock screen. KEEP MOVING FORWARD.


So yeah. That’s a 30,000 foot view of where I am this week. Weekend update coming soon and hopefully it’ll be a super fun one!


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