Saturday Mornings

I think you’ve probably seen a trend this week in self care. It’s something I’m working on hard. Mostly because I have to.

Today is my favorite day. It’s easy breezy. We all get to hang out with no obligations and we can do whatever we want. Except for when Allie is at ballet. And then she takes a nap and I happily join her. But then there’s this:
That’s the awesome part. I get to come to Starbucks and sit with my Beats on, blocking out the shouts of “dopio espresso with unicorn tears for Rain!” I love music so this is my happy place. And here I sit quietly alone, writing, reading, doing anything I want.

I’ve always wanted an office at home. Not because I want big fancy equipment, I just want a space to be. Alone. Without children coming to ask for things or dogs barking and crying to be fed for the third time in one day.

I had a facial yesterday and it was magical. My face is feeling good and I think, or hope, that I’ll continue to make progress. Also? Murad is pricey! I had no idea so I’m hoping it’s made of leprechaun and gypsy tears and works like magic. I’m so tired of the sun damage and scarring. Yay for stress zits. Except not.

I’ve already been to Walmart this morning: tip, don’t take a 2 year old with you. She wants EVERYTHING. She was particularly attached to a book about cross stitch. Needless to say that’s one thing I asked the cashier to keep. Not only that, when you’re trying to buy Valentines for the kid you’re with. Either way, I’ve gotten everyone taken care of (including the man) and gifts are bought and done. I didn’t go overboard and no new crap will be entering our house. Books, cups, stickers. Stuff they love.

So anyway, even though our Starbucks is operating on a single espresso machine, THE HORROR! ::#firstworldproblems::, no big because I had coffee this morning with my Chick Fil A biscuit. I swear I’m gonna start a Bojangles out here. Gah. And a Tim Hortons and I’ll take over the world. Or, at least the Austin fast food markets.

Happy Saturday my friends.


One thought on “Saturday Mornings

  1. I have my half-finished basement as my “office.” It’s got my computer, a TV, some workout equipment . . . the problem is that I put the XBox down there, so it’s not the kid-free Mecca that I hoped it might be. Starbucks, alone, sounds wonderful right now.

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