So Much to Say

And yet I really can’t say it.

  • My project for MD Anderson has grown beyond my wildest dream of a box full of Valentines and some coloring books.  I’ve bought books, coloring books, crafts, cookies, candies, um, yeah a lot of stuff. I also donated the girls’ princess dress trunk which never saw any action, and a few discount craft kits I bought after Christmas.  What I thought would fit in a large priority mail box has grown to an EXTRA LARGE storage box from Extra Space Storage (thanks Emily & Andrea!–more on them later).  And that’s not including the cards from Ava’s Sunday school class and EVERY SINGLE child in her after school program.  That’s at least 100 Valentines from her school alone.  Seriously, if I don’t meet my goal of sending 500 valentine cards, I’ll be shocked.

    Extra Space Storage has it all!

    Thanks ESS!

  • This is snow day number 2 for us. Delay number 2 or 3?  The kicker? We don’t actually get snow.  We do get ice which is just as dangerous because people here apparently freak out for rain but don’t think a damn thing about black ice.  We are a preemptive strike kind of city so the delays and cancellations usually come the night before. Before ANYTHING has even happened.  It’s 7:00 and I’m still waiting for the freezing precipitation that should’ve come by 6:00.  Call me a stickler, but if I’m gonna be stuck here there better be a reason.You know what’s super fun? Watching a movie with a 2 year old who has never seen it and her constantly asking who is that?! Who is that?! What happened?!?! I’d prefer watching Jessie or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the 150,003 time.  TV time is supposed to be quiet time. For mama.  Judge me, I’ll take it.
  • I found my first gray hair. *TEAR*  Don’t laugh. Break out the mahogany hair color.
  • I’m hoping to actually have time (make time) to start reading my favorite blogs again. No writing more, especially honestly, no matter how vulnerable that makes me.
  • I’m pretty sure my laptop is gonna blow up. The first couple times I thought the crackling was such something else. Today while typing this it damn near rattled like a snake. So yeah, I ran to get my backup hard drive and will wait for it to be toast. Actually I don’t even want to turn it on so I don’t blow up the house.
  • It’s been all about the self care up in here this week!  I went to yoga yesterday (and probably will go to a yoga thingy for two hours on Saturday). The thing about getting older is that you just don’t care. In a good way. I wore this and I don’t care.  And THEN, I was that Austin mom in the workout uniform and went to pick up both girls from school. Wearing this, a North Face, and fake Uggs.  Living the life, people. Living the life.  (yes it was freaking cold out there)
    Black Swan Yoga rocks my face
  • I’m getting a facial today. WHAT WHAT????  More self care for the win. It’s amazing how a bit less stress makes a HUGE difference in your skin.
  • Valentine’s Day is coming. Lame. Except for my project for the MD Anderson cancer patients. I’m totally a grinch for manufactured holidays (more on that later, but if you’ve been here a while, you know how I feel about that), but I need to order gifts for the girls and J on Amazon. Just little things. Ideas?  I’m open.

What are you up to this week?


3 thoughts on “So Much to Say

  1. We don’t do Valentines Day either (so much to say on THAT) but instead make dinner together … everyone gets their own “I love this food” and it’s a horrible yet awesome mismatch of food choices

    What about a new movie or hair ties/stuff? Mia is ALL into chapstick right now too …

    Looking good and AT LEAST you don’t have curly hair, because then when you get grays, they are STRAIGHT!

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