Project Valentines for MD Anderson Cancer Patients

As you probably know, I’m fundraising for MD Anderson Cancer Center patient services. These funds will go 100% to patients in need of a little extra money (think diapers, gas money, hotel, meals). It’s not too late to donate, visit my campaign HERE for more information. Every little bit helps, even $5. If you’ve donated, THANK YOU.

This got me thinking that I wanted to do more. Wondering why I’m even doing this?  Read HERE.

Valentine’s is coming and decorations and goodies are everywhere. Why not continue that love by sharing it with cancer patients young and old in the hospital for the holiday?

How to donate to MD Anderson Cancer Center patients & make a difference at the holidays


Ava at work

Ava and I went to Target and bought tons of Valentines (we’re shooting for creating at least 300), candies, coloring books and other goodies. We’ve raided our shelves for paperback books for kids and adults, and we will be sending a giant package filled with those goodies and some Girl Scout cookies to MD Anderson next Monday in time for Valentine’s Day delivery.

Now Ava’s school, our religious education class, and a couple friends are in on out. Maybe we can get 500 cards sent!

If you’re in the Austin area and want an excuse to buy super cute cards but don’t have kids, now is your chance. I’ll even meet you to pick them up!

Wanna help? Share the love with your local hospital. Pay it forward. Or you can be a part of my campaign for MD Anderson. You can send cards and goodies directly to volunteer services by mailing to this address:

MD Anderson Cancer Center
Attn: Volunteer Services
1515 Holcombe Blvd. Unit 0115
Houston, Texas 77030

They do have a few requirements and limitations (see them here for kids and here for adults) but I called and cards, candies and books are good to go. Because of immunity issues, try and send stuff that’s new or next to new, and packaged foods or candies.

Share the love, dudes. Pass it on.


*Random acts of kindness, as taught to me by Law Momma herself, Karen.


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