Kingdom Strollers (The only way to do Disney with Kids)

This isn’t a sponsored post. It is another Disney post how to, so sorry. But bear with me. I had an awesome experience so I love Kingdom Strollers and wanted to share. It’s hard enough traveling with kids, so the easier you can make things on yourself the better because that will help you when you’re thinking of making a trip to the Magic Kingdom. Which I think you should.   #Obsessed

Kingdom Strollers rents awesome Cribs & Beds, too! #Disney

The last time we went to Disney, Allie was just over a year old and Ava was about 6 and a half. Neither child wanted to walk and Ava was all about jumping in the stroller. Luckily we had friends who were dumping their double stroller and we happily took it with us to Disney. It was freaking enormous, heavy, and not easy to maneuver. Think those old school Cadillac cars that are from 1970 and about as long as a football field. Add about 59,000 people in Disney during the steaming August (but randomly stormy) weather and you are NOT gonna love it. Let’s just say it wasn’t terribly pleasant and it was a bit of a put off for another trip till they were a wee bit older.

Kingdom Strollers rents awesome Cribs & Beds, too! #Disney

This time I knew that I wanted to do something different. I researched stroller companies (and cribs) and found a ton. A TON. How do you know who to go with? Well I decided to go with Kingdom Strollers because not only did they have AWESOME strollers that were sporty and easy to maneuver, they also had CRIBS AND TODDLER BEDS.

When I saw they had cribs, I was so pumped because maybe Allie would actually sleep in a crib which means maybe I would get to sleep. HOORAY.  ::Choirs of angels:: 

Then you all know how Allie jumped out of her crib and that was the end of that. Matt was gracious enough to change my reservation at no charge and provided me with an awesome toddler bed. Allie was so excited about her tiny bed. But it was a big girl bed in her eyes. Ava got her own bed and I actually got to sleep in a bed without either child.

I’m pretty sure it was brand new and the bedding was precious, clean and super soft. shhh, but the sheets were probably softer than Disney’s.

The stroller, oh the heavenly jogging stroller. I pretty much wanted to hijack it and take it home with me to run with Allie because it’s 100 times more awesome than my jogging stroller. The front wheel actually turns, which means I don’t have to actually wheelie to turn a corner.

Not only that, the stroller was super clean, easy to close (literally one handed closure), and there was plenty of storage for phones, drinks, backpacks, and of course, the obligatory poncho. Check out how good the cover is to block the sun! I seriously told the owner I wanted to keep the stroller.

City Elite strollers from Kingdom Strollers at Disney WorldAs you can imagine, there’s about 45 million strollers at Disney World. I counted them. Anyway, you will inevitably a) forget where you parked, or b) forget which stroller is yours.  Kingdom puts these awesome hang tags (and I forgot to take a picture of this) but a big laminated sheet in front of the basket on the bottom so that you can easily see your name. It says “MY FAMILY’S NAME!” on bright yellow paper. Hard to miss.  They’re very clearly marked with Kingdom Strollers so no thieves around here.

Great storage in Kingdom Strollers City Elite #Disney

don’t steal my stuff! hide it.

They provide also you with a cover for the inevitable rain you’ll get at the park and your kid stays dry. Not only that, they have drink coolers in the stroller. They aren’t huge so they don’t take a ton of room, but if you’re needing to throw a bottle in there or a couple of bottles of drinks, you are good to go.

They had amazing strollers and cribs (and toddler beds) and they were already waiting for me at the bell desk when I got there. When you tell them what time you want your delivery, they mean it. When you return it, you just leave it at the bell desk and they pick it up.

As if that wasn’t enough, Kingdom Strollers will offer you a coupon for free delivery of groceries. Let’s be real we all pack up the snacks and stuff for Disney. If you aren’t, you’re missing out. Goldfish, granola bars, drinks, you name it. It’s always like a little pantry in our room. Disney gives you free refrigerators and they also have microwaves upon request: hello microwave mac & cheese.

Instead of having to lug all that stuff in a suitcase, you can actually have it all delivered to your room and waiting for you. JUST LIKE YOUR STROLLER AND BED. The groceries are all super affordable and they have everything. If you’re like us, you need milk all the time for the kids, and you name it. Cheese, etc. They even have cereal and stuff for PBJ and sandwiches. That alone can save you a ton of time and money if you can have breakfast or lunch in the room. I know it’s Disney, but there’s only so many hamburgers and chicken strips you can eat.

The experience with Kingdom was awesome. I highly recommend it if your heading to Disney any time soon. Don’t waste your time lugging a stroller around the airport, especially when you know your kid won’t even bother to sleep in it.

Matt was more than accommodating and I absolutely love them. Wanna know more? If you have questions, Email Matt at: info@kingdomstrollers.comHe replies super fast and you can even just book online.

Kingdom Strollers is awesome


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