Friday Confession: I Bought this.

I can’t ever just buy A song. I like music then I start exploring everything that I don’t have but I’ve heard lately and, “hey that is new I should check that out!”

Yeah, I call myself a music binger. That’s what I do, I binge on music and buy a whole bunch at once but then don’t buy any for a while. But if you know me, you know that music is my happy escape place. Add in my lovely headphones and I can block out the world while getting a ton of work done in the process. Pardon the horrible singing coming from my office.

Let’s just get to the nitty gritty.

So there has been a big debate over Miley Cyrus, her trampy performance at some award show I’ve already forgotten the name of and how crazy she’s gone. Truth. Also true, Britney Spears went through a weird no panty/bald head and cheeto eating phase while not wearing shoes in the gas station bathroom.

I’m not saying one is like the other but I am saying that short of being a murderer, or beater like Chris Brown, I’ll consider you.

To be honest, I hadn’t even heard her song Wrecking Ball. Then I did. And I liked it. To be more honest? I have all her Hannah Montana and early Miley stuff too. At first I said it was for Ava, but let’s be real, Ava doesn’t barely listen to music at alll. I liked it.

There’s something about her voice and I like it. Are her lyrics outrageous? Yup. She has a song called “FU” or something. But you know what? I also own an album by Lily Allen that doesn’t even say F, but sings the whole word. Will I ever let my girls ever listen to any of either of their albums? Absolutely and positively not.

Anyway, long story short is that, yes, I did buy Miley’s new album. I am a little embarrassed, but I guess I should own up right? (I’m so sorry Kim K., I really don’t want my daughters to be yuck like her and I PROMISE FOREVER A MILLION that they can’t even watch her or mention her name. And also, love you).

Now that that’s out of the way ::awkward pause::

Here’s the my most recent binge on Amazon:

music I bought

1) Not bad. I’m not her biggest fan but this would be pretty good upbeat running music, if you like that kind of thing. Since I like to be able to belt songs out at the top of my lungs while running, I probably won’t have too many of them on my playlist.*

2) So far, I dig the album.

3) Lorde: Pure Heroine. Her big song is Royals and it’s pretty nifty. My BFF doesn’t dig Lorde, and I laughed-then I listened. The thing is, I love accents. Lily Allen, Adele, Kate  Nash, love them all. There’s something cool to the voices and that’s what I got here.

4) Lee Brice: Hard 2 Love. Straight up country. Straight up awesome and way more hits than just the radio ones you’ll recognize.

5) Kellie Picker: The Woman I am. She is so cute. I still remember her from American Idol. I really like her and so far this is a good album. It’s bubble gum pop country, but sometimes you just need that. And now i’m going to say you “son of a butt” thanks to the one song she sings. But it’s super catchy.

6) Sons of Fathers: Sons of Fathers. I love these dudes. Remember I was flying and met Paul at the airport in Dallas? Well I went home and immediately downloaded their new album, Burning Days. I should’ve downloaded this one too because it may even be more awesome. FIVE STARS. Explore them. Love them. See them live around Austin.

I also bought “Counting Stars” from One Republic because that song is very catchy!

So yeah, I’m Jessica, and I have a music problem.

*Random story: when living in Frisco we were randomly wandering the Stonebriar Mall one day. I’m not sure when this was but it had to be in 2004-2006. Guess who we found on a platform in the middle of the mall singing for JC Penney?  RHIANNA. This was from her Umbrella days and let me just say, the crowd wasn’t that enormous.  Funny, huh?

4 thoughts on “Friday Confession: I Bought this.

  1. Don’t be embarrassed about your music. Ever! As for swearing in music – there is swearing in almost all of my music and I let Matthew listen to it. His favorite song is “Army” by Ben Folds Five and at the beginning of the song the lyrics are “Well I thought about the army, Dad said ‘son you’re fuckin high’….” so yeah, they’re just words and Matthew has never repeated any of them. We listen to Ben Folds, Matt Good, Blind Melon, Faith No More etc. I do have some guilty pleasures like The Lumineers and Martina Sorbara! Music is a great escape!

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