The Wind Beneath My Leather Wings #SKORA

this is NOT a sponsored post. i responded to a facebook post and i got sent some shoes with nothing expected in return. but that’s not how i roll and i love these shoes way too much to not share the love.

I know you guys are probably getting sick of hearing about my running/marathon, but seriously it makes me happy so just indulge me a few more posts (for the marathon).

So I think I mentioned to you guys a bit ago that I got new shoes–Skora Form running shoes, to be precise.  If you’re on Instagram, you know that I’ve been taking pics of my new babies like crazy. I LOVE THEM.  I even wear them when I’m not running. Gasp! I never wear running shoes out of the house. I’m a flip flop girl.  My Skoras even went to watch Notre Dame beat ASU at AT&AT Cowboy Stadium and made a couple billion rounds of Disney World.

At the height of my marathon training excitement, I was trolling around one of the running groups I’m in on Facebook when I saw someone ask about any interest in this brand of shoes called “Skora.” I’d never heard of them and figured it was a long shot if I contacted him, but I did and Kyle emailed me back. I’ll all about trying new things and I was actually in the market for a new pair.

New Skora makes me happy

Miracle of miracles he was so awesome and I got to try the new shoes! I chose the Forms because I had most recently been running in a super minimal shoe (completely opposite the super supportive shoe I first started “really” running in).

One night I could not find them. I could not find them anywhere. NOT good for an OCD person with anxiety so I was freaking about not having them because OMG WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE MY PAIR FOR DISNEY. MY BABIES! THE HORROR!  ::ok drama:: All I could think was how quickly can I get a pair sent from Skora because I have a marathon to run in like 2 weeks!!! I have to break them in!!!

J found them in the truck and all was right with the world. ::anticlimactic:: But that’s how much I love those damn shoes.

Here they are, and don’t gasp at the price because in the running world, that’s about what you spend every 500 miles or so. For a durable shoe that won’t tear or soak your foot in the rain, I think $110 is a bargain.

Aren’t they so pretty?

After blahs, injury sidelines and general procrastination (despite a pending marathon), I finally set out a couple weeks after I got my shoes on the inaugural run. I WANTED TO CRY. Dramatics? Totally and totally not.  They were honestly the best shoe I’d ever worn. EVER IN LIFE and I’d worn a lot of running shoes. I wore Brooks for 7 years, Nike and New Balance, and even Adidas before then. Nothing nothing nothing compared.  Honestly, I wore my light weight “comparable” Brooks track shoes ONCE (the day I “lost” the shoes) and they just weren’t comparable. They hurt and I knew I’d never wear them again. I haven’t been yet, but I plan to give all of my Brooks (3 pair) to Luke’s Locker to be donated.

Ok, so the deets about the Skora Running Shoes that make them my favorite:

  • they are made with goat leather which means that they breathe (no stink) and they wick, but they still keep you dry
  • they are so lightweight.
  • I could never be a Vibram (glove toe shoes) runner but this is pretty close to me because they’re so lightweight they’re like nothing but everythingSeriously I know this sounds dramatic but shoes are the foundation of a runner. Literally.
  • they never slip
  • they have this weird non-tongue thing that means they never rub you the wrong way and the tongue never gets lost in your shoe
  • they’re reflective
  • they stand out in the crowd (unlike all the other white, grey and whatever color mesh shoes out there). want proof? this is my foot on the way to the marathon on that awesome Sunday morning. Clearly i had to bling mine with hot pink laces, duh.

stand out with skora

I honestly don’t have pain when I run with them and I just feel good. My left foot is wider than my right and most other shoes pinch (thanks bunion) these don’t discriminate even a little.

My favorite thing about Skora (besides everything) is their slogan: “Run Real”–totes, my friends, totes.  Because at the end of the day, that’s what running is: real. It’s freeing. It’s moving. It’s cleansing for the soul.  It’s challenging.  It’s everything.  And if you don’t run real, why run?  <<deep thoughts by Jess

Need more inspiration? Check out the Skora blog.  If you want to try your own Skoras, check them out!

So basically:
1) buy Skoras, you won’t regret it.
2) I’m a Skora girl foreva.
3) Trail runs, rainy runs, Disney runs, out of town runs, and my shoes still look new. I love them. Did I already say that?
4) Thank you so much, Kyle for letting me try these bad boys out.  You made a new customer for life.
5) my Skoras (and I guess I helped a little), got me here:

Why I love Skora


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