Things I don’t get on Pinterest

*Nutella everything. Get me some cookie butter or good old fashioned peanut butter and I’m happy. I’m surprised I haven’t seen a Nutella face mask or foot scrub.

*the obsession with wood pallets for redoing every little thing in your house. It’s not like their even easy to find, their splinter filled and gross. Go buy wood.

*painting weird stuff on your nails like monkeys, Harry Potter characters, or the cast of Friends (only made up the last one).

*Minecraft everything. Is that a show? A game?  I don’t get it. Is it like Minesweeper from back in the day?

*shorts so short that you pull out the fabric from the pockets as decoration. Seriously. Gross. And ouch! The other day Allie (TWO YEARS OLD) saw someone wearing these “shorts” and said, “mom! She doesn’t have any pants on!” No baby, no she doesn’t.

*tutorials on Pinterest on how to sew clothes and tote bags and even make your own flip flops for your family. This isn’t Little House on the Prairie. I am jealous because I would like to be able to actually do those things.

*every classroom parent’s dream to craft projects for teacher gifts that make the rest of us look like crap. Or are they…. Original say what?

*everyone with rock hard abs but they only ate stinky fruit and drank two teaspoons of hot sauce a day to lose 200 lbs in 2 days.

But will I leave Pinterest? like I have hung abandoned Facebook? Never. But I can’t wait till they come up with am “are you kidding me?” or a “please don’t do that to yourself” button.

Source: texting God (tumblr)

Oh hey, look what I so appropriately found while browsing Pinterest at 3:45 am, when Allie decided it would be super cool to hang out. I’m convinced Pinterest was developed by moms with babies or crazy toddlers as a way to keep them company and give them a sense of purpose.

And don’t worry, I take plenty of sunset pics on my phone while running.  I have LTE on my phone. No wifi needed outside. Kidding.

BTW: any mom knows it’s pretty hilarious to catch the Linda Blair moments on video just as much as it is to catch them doing cute and silly stuff.  ::ahem, A & J::


3 thoughts on “Things I don’t get on Pinterest

  1. I love to look at it but the reality is I don’t do much with the stuff I pin. I love Nutella so I am going to try to convince you how awesome it is but some of the other stuff is dumb. Really dumb. I am frustrated with the bad links and the people that pin everything. So annoying. I unpin things if I try them and they suck.

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