I’m older than “Come on Eileen”

I’m kind of obsessed with Sirius XM (this isn’t a commercial).  But seriously, 80s on 8, 90s on 9, Pop2k, and Highway. Best stations EVER. Those stations are my jam because they are a throwback to when I was younger. And also a discovery of new country artists.  Music is quite literally my jam. It moves me and keeps me happy.  I’m pretty sure people who would pass me during the marathon were thinking, “what’s up with that weird girl who’s singing all those weird songs so loudly?”

The other day I was in the truck with the girls and listening to 80s on 8 (probably because Baby Got Back or something inappropriate was on 90s on 9 or those One Direction douches were on Pop2k).


Oh but it was paydirt. Dexy’s Midnight Runners came on and it was all about scream-singing “Come on Eileen.”  Not only is it an awesome song, for some reason it reminds me of my Chi O girls back in the day. I love it.

If you didn’t know, Sirius displays the year a song came out…that song came out in 1983.

Ava: WHOA. That song is from 1983! That’s super old!

Me: o_0    I was born in 1980.

Ava: You’re 3 years older than that song. WOW!!!!!

Me: Yeah, thanks Ave. I’m old. Got it. I’m 33. I’m old.

Geez. It’s a good thing I wasn’t listening to Air Supply.  I’m diverse in my music.  George Strait (JUNE!!!!), Sons of Fathers, ::hangs head in shame:: Ke$ha, Jessica Simpson, and Carly Rae Jepsen. But of course I rock out some One Republic and DUH, John Mayer <3.

But she’s the one doing the ridiculously complicated science project, Allie is pretty much about to turn 3 and move out, I’m married, have a law degree, I’m a lawyer, I finally finished my first marathon (bucket list), we own a house and I have two baby girls, and so I guess I am old.  Or something. But age is just a number and I’m already trying to figure out when and where marathon #2 will be.  After my ankle stops hurting (can you smell the Bengay?).

I swear time goes triple speed after you leave college.


5 thoughts on “I’m older than “Come on Eileen”

  1. oh the 1980’s.
    I now understand my parent’s frustration when I begged them to buy all of the NKOTB things. Now my niece is into One Direction. Sigh…
    Life goes by fast. Sure does.

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