It’s here.

In 5 short hours I’ll be waking up. The anxiety and anticipation has settled in. I probably will wake at 3 and not 3:30 because I’ll be terrified the alarm won’t go off.

I’ve seen medals all over the hotel and Magic Kingdom. People proudly displaying their 10k and half marathon achievements. And yet here I am, trying to take it even further. 26.2 miles.

It’s both intimidating seeing everyone around who I know is here to run and feeling incredibly inadequate because of my lack of preparation. But I know this goes deeper than that.

This is about proving to myself.

Someone said, “are you competing against all those other people?” Of course my response was no. “So why are you nervous? What does it matter how they do?” Damn right.

Tomorrow at 5:35, I’m not going to think, just go. It’s kind of funny. Yesterday’s Spanish word of the day was “vencer”, to defeat or overcome.

Si. Quiero vencer las voces que estan me digan que no puedo. Yes, I will overcome those voices telling me I can’t.

Eyes on the prize. 20140111-215547.jpg


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