YIKES. 26.2

This Sunday I’ll be running (let’s be real, probably mostly walking but I don’t care) TWENTY SIX . TWO miles. At Disney World.  I’m beyond excited, especially because the girls don’t know that we’re going or that I’m running.

I’m not nearly as prepared as I should be, but the motivation is there and so is a bit of training. I’m ready.  I won’t lie, the stress and anticipation of the trip (planning is super fun with anxiety) have been awesome ::sarcasm font:: but I am really looking forward to getting lost in Disney.  To watching my girls go nuts.

Mostly I’m ready because this is my chance to raise money for MD Anderson cancer patients.  All of the money I  raise will go directly to patients who need it to pay for expenses like gas, housing, food, child care, everything you’d never think of in addition to copays and meds.

I’m running for everyone who has sacrificed their hard earned money to make a donation.  I know that there’s so many other things you could spend your money on, but I truly from the bottom of my heart appreciate your support.

I’m running for all the people who supported my Vancouver Marathon campaign for Team in Training benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that I didn’t actually get to run. (All the money still went to LLS)

So Sunday if you don’t have anything going on, I can use all the tweets (@jessesco) and texts you can manage. Motivation will be vital.  I’ll try to take a picture at every mile marker and with every character I possibly can. I mean, hello, that’s a walk break.

So yeah, humbly, I thank you on behalf of something that is incredibly close to my heart.

Donate for MD Anderson MD Anderson campaign- You can mail a donation directly to MD Anderson


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