Minimize and say no.

So Christmas happened. Meh.

Then new year.

And of course the beast is having trouble sleeping. But she sings the final sequence by the Barden Bellas in Pitch Perfect, so all is forgiven. Mostly.

This isn’t a post about accountability because seriously, this is just my random little blog. But somehow I want to share. I’m scaling back any sponsored posts, fluff, or talking just go talk. That also means that the stuff that really needs to get said stays in my pen and paper journal.

So things haven’t been awesome on the head front. But as always, I’m working on if.

I’ve pretty much abandoned Facebook. If you message me I probably won’t see it, I don’t get on because I deleted the app, so I won’t wish you a happy birthday. I’m just trying to undo the clutter.

And that’s exactly what social media can be. That’s an odd thought coming from a blogger who puts everything out there, right? But I think sometimes we just need to purge. When the things that you use to enjoy just get on your nerves, why do them?

I’m pretty much only ever on Instagram. And twitter sometimes. My people are there. They make me happy.

I’ve had to say no to an awesome opportunity that was placed in front of me because I couldn’t give it the time it deserves. I stopped checking email after hours. I said no. No is a good thing and something women need to say more.

I’m getting geared up for the marathon. Next week at this time I should be finishing 26.2 miles. Crazy right? But I’ll do it. If I crawl walk or hobble, I’m gonna finish.

I guess the new year isn’t about resolutions–it never has been for me because they’re stupid promises to yourself you won’t keep.

I think this year it’s about day by day. Self care. Doing what make you happy and trying to ignore the annoyances that you don’t like. Reading more. Listening to music and watching less tv just for the sake of having something to do. Yelling less. Working more diligently.

So yeah. That’s me.


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