What happened? Meh. That’s what.

I normally start prepping and listening to my Christmas playlist in October. Sometimes randomly in July for a bit. This year I had none of that. If the station came on I changed it. Instead of being my zen on a busy work day, I listened to John Mayer and Miranda Lambert.

I just didn’t feel it this year.

Normally I can’t wait till the day after Christmas to get the boxes from the attic and start decorating. It took us 3 days to finish the tree. I didn’t particularly care.

I didn’t put lights on the trees or bushes, nor did I care that the hub didn’t do it either.

I just wanted to skip it all and get to January. To Disney. And even that is exciting but also meh. Who’s meh about Disney world?!?! No one. Maybe it’s the 26.2 miles I haven’t exactly trained for. But I’m doing it whether I walk half or run it all.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m thankful for the blessing of what the holiday means. I’m thankful for the smiles on my girls’ faces when they ran around with their cousins.

Maybe it’s the sleep interruptions. Who knows. All I know is this is happening today. The only reason if didn’t happen sooner is because we didn’t get in town till Friday night and I don’t have my boxes from the attic. But I’m improvising.

I feel bad. But Christmas is for your kids and we soldiered on. At least I did. I tried.

So yeah. Hope you guys enjoyed with friends and family. This year was just weird. And here’s to hoping that next year works.



5 thoughts on “What happened? Meh. That’s what.

  1. Christmas seems more stressful to me since having B. This year it was finally better, I think because of the age he’s at. And I’ve learned to let some stuff go. Half the decorations were on our tree this year. That said? I’m glad it’s over and ready to get back to ‘normal.’ The chaos is not good for any of us.

  2. We didn’t decorate our tree until the Sunday before Christmas. And even then I wasn’t that into it. The only thing I really got into this year was music but even that was mostly meh. I think that there are a lot of expectations which surround the holiday and sometimes instead of living up to them, it’s okay to just be laid back and not do much of anything. Truth be told, I’m looking forward to putting Christmas away already.

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