Why I Still Love Duck Dynasty

If you’ve been living under a rock, or haven’t visited your local Walmart, you probably don’t know what Duck Dynasty is.  It’s a bunch of self proclaimed rednecks that started a business creating duck calls by hand. (You know, the things you use to call ducks for hunting)

Anyway, we’ve watched it from the beginning and I love it.  If you haven’t, I’m not going to link the A&E site because they’re lame. Check it out on iTunes or Amazon. They have episodes there.

It’s an honest presentation of a family (of course it’s been slightly more staged as time went on) and they have very strong convictions about their religious beliefs and what a family should be.

Source: People Mag

Source: People Mag

They are all very close to their parents and one of the brothers is a pastor at the local church.  One of the main things that Phil (the patriarch) had touted was their religion and when asked to tone it down by A&E, he said no.

Well now Phil is in hot water for saying that he believes cheating, homosexuality, and a lot of other sex stuff is a sin.  He doesn’t say he judges you or thinks you’re a devil, and because he’s a Christian he still digs you, but he said, according to his Bible, that stuff is wrong. Do I condone any of that? Nope. What I do think is everyone reads the Bible their own way.

He apparently is also a “racist” because he talked being “white trash” and used to work out in the fields along with African Americans way back in the day.  Seriously?  He’s old. He wasn’t derogatory and he only said what he heard and experienced.  I am pretty damn sure he wasn’t saying that he hated black people.  And I’m pretty sure he was actually there and lived it. He’s old and he’s said it.

People, Willie Robertson (the main character and Phil’s son) and his wife have five kids, including an adopted biracial son and an Asian foster daughter. Seriously, do you think they judge or are racist?!  Yeah, no.

Yes, Phil has a checkered past (his wife Kay acknowledged it at the renewal of their vows on one of the episodes), but he also said that he has found religion and is an amazing father and loving husband. He plays with his grandkids and he teaches the older ones about the importance of hard work, relationships and getting out there without a screen in your face.

Anyway, A&E, I think you’re making a big mistake.  This show makes tons of money for you. TONS.  Have you not seen all the products that are marketed for them? Did you not realize that the Duck Dynasty Christmas album is rated 5 stars and #3 (THREE!!!!) on the Amazon top sellers list? Of all music. Not Christmas, not country. ALL MUSIC.  People like them.  I own it, for the record.

My girls love the show and it’s something that they can actually watch without me having to worry they’ll start talking about crack or sex.  Ava loves her Duck Dynasty cup, that she picked, and her Uncle Si notebook, that she also chose over puppies or Justin Bieber or some other crap.

They are a wholesome show in the middle of the trash that is Gypsy Sisters, Toddlers & Tiaras and too many other idiotic shows to name. Seriously?!

A&E is just being super PC and trying to protect their interest so no one starts hating them the way Chick Fil A felt the backlash when everyone wanted to ban them because their RELIGIOUS OWNER spoke his religious beliefs as well. What of it?

If this continues, as much as I love the show, I hope that the Duck Dynasty family finds a way to get out of their contract. Out of principle. A&E knew what they were getting (or maybe they didn’t because I doubt they saw how big the show was going to explode).

Everyone has religious views. Yes there’s free speech.  Yes that means people can say what you don’t want to hear.  Yes that means that people may not share your views. But that’s the beauty of it. We all believe in our own gods and our own version of religion.

Wake up, A&E.

And everyone else, just stop hating. Seriously. To each their own.


3 thoughts on “Why I Still Love Duck Dynasty

  1. I don’t even watch the show, but, I truly believe the show has helped many people who were lost or needed an influence like this in their life. I think A&E blew their chances of any future contracts with this family, if I was them I would finish out my contract and shop around for the next best deal. This was prefectly stated. ❤ you!

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