Procrastinators and Carb Lovers Unite!

Ava has a project due for school on Tuesday. What does that mean? That means we started today. This morning, to be precise, when we went to the grocery store, then on the way to Sunday school while she drafted a project map that made this list maker proud.

It’s a project about educating the class on your heritage. While PowerPoint is an option, I refuse to have my second grader “create a screen presentation” because that would probably take like 80 months, which we don’t have. Plus, SECOND GRADE.

We’re kicking it old school and went to Staples for poster boards, markers, glue sticks and print outs of pictures she had as talking points for her project. I know the Staples man took pity on me and comped my copies because neither of us had how many I had or what kind. I think it’s because he saw the frazzled look of desperation from having two hyenas going through the store. But actually I think it was the Christmas spirit. No really, he wished me Merry Christmas and then charged me for the rest of my stuff. FYI school projects may be simple but they aren’t cheap

It’s taking all my will power not to take over and do the whole thing myself. Because I’m a nerd. And this looks fun. And I like glue sticks and colorful paper and markers.

It’s been a pretty cool experience. We bought a book on Mexico and I liked learning more. It was fun trying to explain to her, too. Especially with the holidays coming and some of the big Mexican traditions (posadas navideñas).

But a kicking poster board isn’t the end; she also needs delicious edible enhancement for her presentation. Bringing food is not required, but encouraged. hello, overachiever That means we hit up the local Mexican grocery store. I have never set foot in it because I thought it was like the disgusting and smelly markets in El Paso (except my dad’s, duh) and, well, gross.

I was wrong. The produce section was impeccable and the only thing that stunk was the seafood, but that’s pretty much everywhere.

I was in Mexican carb heaven. Sopitas and pan dulces and tortillas, oh my!

Naturally this is what I came home with. Francesitos (bread), a box full of sweet breads (yup, just for a family of four ::piggy::), tortillas and about 20 bags of rice. Yum. EAT ALL THE CARBS!

We found the candies to pass out but failed because they didn’t have her “costume”, aka a Mexican style shirt or dress. I’ve tried convincing her that my dia de Los muertos shirt would be most awesome, but apparently she wants something more traditional so she “doesn’t look like a nerd.”


Well, two hours into her project, it’s looking awesome, but she’s so exhausted because she’s been working hard for two whole hours and sitting!
I predict a late night of perfecting and finalizing. And another trip to the big Fiesta for the magical Mexican outfit, and probably some elote (roasted corn) in a cup with some cheese. Trust me, NOM.

Homework is super not fun. I’m sure we will be exploring the theory of relativity next year. Or maybe by May! who knows. Wish me luck.


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