My Week


What a week. I seriously have been losing track of days. I was laying down earlier, dozing off under the warm sheets, and I honestly just realized that it was Friday and I didn’t actually have to get up tomorrow and go to the office (even if I probably will have to get some work done).

The anxiety is better (hooray) and my doctor is the best ever in life. It’s been crazy at work, but that’s a given. I got to spend a couple days at continuing education (yup, again) learning the basics of one of the tasks of my job. I was taking notes like a fiend on my iPad and thought how awesome it would have been to have this technology during law school. I still remember lugging around my giganto laptop that weighed like 80 pounds and taking notes (in between surfing the internet when I was in a building with wifi. oops).

I’ve been at the Renaissance for seminars (I spoke about elections) or continuing ed for the last 5 years. The Christmas tree picture is obligatory. That cheesecake pic? I was absolutely tempted to eat one of the unclaimed cheesecakes next to me at lunch. I didn’t, but it took extreme self control.

Anyway, I liked sitting in some of the sessions. I like taking notes and learning. The spark about going back to school came back again. But seeing as how I haven’t requested a single transcript, taking the GMAT or GRE or even looked at writing essays (gah that sucks), I guess I won’t be starting anywhere in the spring (or anytime soon, for that matter).

My week obviously involves delicious food because you know I like to eat, and lunch with friends new and old. Here are the highlights. Shrimp grits (left) and shrimp and stuffed crab cakes. The macaroni at Quality was to die for. I don’t know how they do it but I’m gonna figure it out. It’s not shells, but pasta, kinda like fideo (Mexican short spaghetti). NOM.
Walton's Fancy & Staple | Quality Seafood #Austin
20131213-192933.jpgThen there’s the craziness of life and you just take a moment and breathe and say thank you for the people you love and the ones who love you. There was that too.

My child was dressed like a camel for her school Christmas program and it was awesome. Almost as awesome as when she dances and sings to the Bella Bardens’ final aca-sequence in Pitch Perfect.

Not a bad end to a terribly long week that actually wasn’t so bad.


One thought on “My Week

  1. Thank you goodness that week is over! Glad to hear you are doing great, we need to make time to catch up next week… otherwise… dum, dum,, dum.. I will be gone!!! What are you wanting to go back to school for? Loves!

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