The Best Birthday EVER.

I’m not really that good at birthdays.  There was Ava’s first which was pretty much just us and a homemade cake.  Then her second which was a cake and her godparents.  I went bigger for her third and actually had people over.  Fourth birthday I got the genius idea to have her birthday at the zoo. Who does that?  No one so it’ll be awesome! Yeah, well in theory.  Except when you live in Texas and the 70 degree temps turn into 40s with drizzle.  We had the zoo to ourselves at least.

Five was the unbirthday.  Poor girl. I was knocked up and tired and had no energy for anything. We had dinner with some great friends and called it a day. Six was an attempt to go to Sea World with some of my best friends and spend the weekend in San Antonio. Again, good idea in theory except for the pouring rain. Seven was the typical bounce place. Easy but we didn’t even get to socialize with anyone.

This year would be special. She deserved some awesome festivities because I’m still feeling the guilt from giving her the birthday shaft when I was pregnant.

She’d been talking about a bowling party, a skating party, and another bounce party (absolutely no).  I came up with an alternative idea.  We didn’t want to be those people who get invited to the parties but never invite anyone to ours.  So without having to have 30 kids at whatever party she chose, I tried to brainstorm different ideas.  Girls only?  Immediate friends only?  That still left the idea of what are we doing? Theme? Goody bags? Food? AY AY AY.

So I offered her the option to have a sleepover with a couple friends. OR the option to have her best friend come over and they could have the best day ever, basically.

She’s smart so she opted for the second.

I’ve gotta say, I think it really was the best birthday ever. If I was 8, I would’ve had a blast.  At 33, I still had a great time.

It started out picking up her best friend and heading to the mall for lunch, they each got spoiled at Build-A-Bear (so did Allie), and off to Old Navy for fancy new flip flops. Consider it the ultimate goody bag since you only have one guest.

The Best Non-Birthday Party EverNext?  Off to the salon to meet one of my best friends and her awesome daughter where all 4 of us got manis and pedis. Again, awesome.

Finally? Dinner at our favorite restaurant with bff and her parents, my bff and her daughter, dad and Allie. Oh, and the amazing Whole Foods cupcakes.  Top it off with a best friend sleepover and she was on cloud nine.

All weekend she kept saying how amazing it was.

Oh, did I forget to mention she went to her first ballet on Sunday? Nutcracker for the win.  Thanks, Aunt Heather for the awesome idea  (although we are bummed you missed it).

Seriously, the girl had the best birthday ever and couldn’t stop thanking us.  It made my heart feel so happy because I know she truly felt that way.  It was awesome.  And it wasn’t even her birthday!  On Monday we picked up flowers, a cake, ice cream and a balloon.  Her dinner request? Ramen noodles. o_O.  Unfortunately I couldn’t accommodate that request, but I made up for it with her favorite ABC rice.

I think we’ve just started a new tradition. HOO-RAY.

Eight started off with a bang.


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