Modern Family {La Familia de Hoy}

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson and Latina Bloggers Connect. This is really what me and my family is like. To each her own. You know the drill, money earned from this post will go to my fundraiser for MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Families have changed from the 50s families with mom at home, dad coming home from work to a drink in his hand, dinner at the table, and properly dressed kids doing homework at the table.  Brady Bunch helped to change that with the idea of the blended family and things have only continued from there.

Today, the familia de hoy {modern family} is so full of different dynamics that it’s hard to pin down what it “should be.”  It’s rare to have a traditional family.

The biggest thing about growing up in a traditional family like ours was that we had regular family dinners and we got together with my mom’s 4 siblings, their spouses and my cousins at my grandma and pop’s house.  It wasn’t just holidays and special occasions, but we would all gather at the house and catch up on the week. We’d watch the football game and my grandma would work herself up as the Cowboys battled for a win.  There was always something delicious in the kitchen and a fridge full of drinks.  My grandpa always had something sweet cooking like jam or jelly. And that was just my mom’s family.

I can’t imagine not growing up like I did. I’m so thankful for the time I had getting to know all of my grandparents because I think they all brought something different to my life.

mi familia

Christmas 2012 with pop and grandma

Our “Familia de Hoy” looks a bit different than it did when I was growing up.  For starters, we live 700 miles from our parents and our siblings are all spread over the country (and for a while, the world). The cousins get to play together at Christmas but it’s hard to get together logistically. The closeness I had with my grandparents is the one thing I wish for the girls since we live so far from home. Luckily with technology, the grandpas and grandma are just a phone call or video call away.

It’s important to me to make sure the girls visit with grandparents and know the rest of their family, as big as it is.

We’re still a typical family that goes to Sunday school, is busy with dance class for both girls, and I’m an active runner. The difference between family when I was growing up and now is that we both have full-time jobs outside the home, but we work normal business hours during the week.  Both my husband and I grew up with parents who had non-traditional jobs.  My dad worked long hours at his store (and still does) and J’s dad worked long hours on a dairy farm that they lived on.

I think growing up on the border gives you a different perspective of family. Most people live within 30 minutes of where they grew up and many don’t leave home.  We did. And that’s ok.  I hope my girls do the same, to me, that’s mi familia moderna, my modern family.  Who knows what their futures will hold.

We  try to stay close and call our parents daily and try to keep up with our siblings and their kids. The difference is that our family also includes family that isn’t blood, but they’re the friends that have become so close to our hearts that they probably know us and our kids better than some of our family.  If you saw my Friendsgiving post, then you know that you can build your family wherever you are, and many of us do. I never had a sister, but today I feel like I’m lucky enough to know what it’s like.

What does your modern family look like?


Johnson & Johnson and Univision are having a campaign to choose the “familia de hoy,” a modern family that represents Hispanics and will share the passions and dynamics of their daily lives.  There are 3 to choose from but I really identified with the Lopez Family because they reminded me a lot of my family in El Paso.  When I was growing up, we lived within 15 minutes of both  grandparents and when I got a bit older, I remember walking to my mom’s parents’ house in the summer and playing with my cousins.  Family was everything and I spent a ton of time with them. I grew up with my cousins and saw my grandparents every weekend.

The thing I loved about the Lopez family is that they encourage each other to be active in all of their lives and they see each other regularly. The grandparents are active participants in their grandkids’ lives and they love to go out and support their grandson at his soccer games, something I’m sure my grandpa would have done for me.  Importantly, I love that their son is not afraid to get engaged in conversation. That means he is an integral member of and he is brought into conversations and made to feel important. That’s so vital for kids to be able to develop their personalities by being able to start that at home.

To vote for the Lopez family, go here:

LaFamiliaDeHoyLogoLopez Family Picture


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