Running for Daisy…Because Cancer Sucks.

For a while now, I’ve been talking about starting something big. I’ve alluded to the fact that I’m going to run a marathon. I’ve mentioned something that is close to my heart.

My mom died in 2006 after a 10 month battle against neuroendocrine cancer. She got to meet Ava, but she never got to meet her other granddaughters or grandson. That’s not fair.  She left us and there is a gaping hole that she filled. My girls (and niece and nephew) will never know their awesome grandma, but we can share her story. We can tell them how awesome she was and how hard she fought–she truly believed she would win her battle.

Running for Daisy-Fundly

On January 12, 2014, I’ll be running 26.2 miles at Walt Disney World.  A full marathon. It’s coming full circle.  I first started marathon training in 2006, the fall after my mom died. I trained and FUNDRAISED for Team in Training in Dallas. The bottom line wasn’t the marathon, but it was the money. I raised $4,200 for cancer research and patient services.  While I didn’t get to run the marathon, I was so proud of the money I raised.  But something was missing. I felt like I “owed it” to the people who had donated to finish the race.

Well I’m giving it another shot. I’m running the race for me, but more importantly I’m running it to raise money for patients at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.  

MD Anderson campaign

My mom never got to go to MD Anderson. All the shoulda coulda wouldas still get me and I wonder what would have happened if she could have gone there for treatment.

I was inspired by a friend’s story as he told me about his mom.  She battled cancer years ago and went to MD Anderson.  A single mom of 2 boys trying to make ends meet, she would go to Houston for chemo and radiation and time her drive to the minute so she could get back home in time to crash out.  She didn’t have the time or money to stay in Houston at a hotel or pay for food. That made me so incredibly sad.

I have worked with MD Anderson and have a special campaign code, “Daisy,” of course. I have designated that all money I raise go into a pool for patient services.  As if the cost of treatment wasn’t enough, many people forget that cancer patients are taking time off of work, they’re spending money on copays and prescriptions, patients travelling to MD Anderson for world class care have to pay for transportation, lodging and meals.  It’s a lot of money and I’m pretty sure most people don’t have a “in case I get cancer” fund.

I’m not just doing this for  my mom, but for other people’s moms, dads, sisters, brothers, friends, husbands and wives. Cancer shouldn’t be something that we suffer from in today’s society. MD Anderson researches to help in “Making Cancer History”®.


Donate for MD Anderson

So now friends, I ask for your help. PLEASE consider donating to my cause. We can make a difference to a patient in need who had no idea that there was $100 available to him or her or gas money or whatever else they need money for.

All the funds raised will go directly to MD Anderson. If you feel more comfortable mailing a check directly to them, I’d be happy to mail you a stamped envelope that MDA provided to me for my fundraiser.

I’m going to try and work up some prizes or a raffle or something in the future, but for now I just wanted to get this going.

NOTHING is too little.  Your daily coffee money would make me happy. I would appreciate anything you have to contribute.



I have a shirt. I’m legit. The awesome folks at gave me the chance to try one of their shirts for free and were pumped about what I’d be creating it for (which makes them more awesome). I’m pretty sure I’m getting one made for both of the girls as they cheer me on to cross that finish line.

The shirt is MADE IN THE USA. Not only that, it’s made in Texas. I’m all about buying local so I was even more stoked when I got the package and saw it was shipped from north Austin. AUSTIN! The shirt is one of those awesome American Apparel shirts so it’s soft and the color on the design looks as perfect as Becca’s design above.


I am so lucky to have incredible supporters, like Becca at Jumping Jax Designs who helped make that beautiful logo for next to nothing, just because she knew this was close to my heart and hers.

I drew a crude sketch for her, posted it to Instagram and she made it happen.

She dropped everything and from the day I emailed her to the time I got my logo was ONE DAY. Seriously, I love her.  She also makes killer Christmas cards, invites and blog designs, BTW.

Instagram: @BeccaParo
Twitter: @ParoFam & @DesignsbyJJD


FYI this is not a sponsored post. Becca doesn’t even know I’m writing this. Allied gave me the shirt to try and didn’t ask for anything in exchange except for a link to their website. But they are so awesome it had to be more. Seriously. Check them both out.


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