Allie has been a beast lately. At night, not just her normal brutish get-what-I-want self. In true worrier fashion, all I could think was: crap; time to move her to a big bed. Or worse: I’m gonna have to lay next to her till she’s 5 like I did with Ava.

Then came the stinky breath. Yup, Dr. Mama on the case. Surely she wasn’t trying to punish me by waking up two nights in a row at 3:45 and not going back to bed. I’m her world! She can’t bear to be two inches away from me lately! ::sarcasm font::

She is sick.


As if strep for her and Ava two weeks ago wasn’t enough.

At least she “picked” a good day for it since the blizzard of ice 2013 was on its way. Who wants to go to work in that? It turned out to be a joke, but the rain was nice to stare at as we played dinner and she fed me broccoli and eggs.

It’s hard being the center of your kid’s universe. Exhausting, actually. Especially when all you want is a nap but your kid screams for you the whole time she’s away from you for 15 minutes so you give up.

Sometimes you just want to lay down at 4:00am and go to sleep. Or eat lunch while your kid sleeps on a bed, not on you while you contort your head to accommodate her as you sit on the bed.

Sometimes you just want to see your kid’s regular silly eyes, not heavy sick ones that don’t even want to go to Target–so you know she’s really sick. It sucks seeing your baby sick, especially when there’s not much that helps make them feel better.

But despite it all, I can’t help but remember how lucky I am. I can’t help but think of the friends who want this and don’t have it.

She is definitely my toughest job. But this little awesome face and the hilarious stuff that comes out of her mouth is so worth it.

If you need me, I’ll be nursing a cup of Earl Gray with cream and sugar while eating the closest sweet thing I can find. 20131125-205922.jpg


3 thoughts on “Yawn.

  1. Broccoli and eggs.
    I smell diarrhea.
    I find myself doing the same thing. Complaining and getting frustrated but then I remember those who don’t have this opportunity … it’s a reality check xoxo

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